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No love for the men? I'd snatch them up if there were
Darn it! I’ve been waiting for this to come back. Where’s the Men’s version? 🤷🏻‍♂️

If you can just list a 13 in Blue, you have a pair Sold! Please? 🙏🏼
Received my One V3s yesterday and went for a run. I really like these shoes. They are very comfortable, and seem like they will be very durable. The ride is more firm than a lot of shoes- which I actually prefer myslef. Construction seems great as well. The entire area where the toebox is glued to the sole is covered by the TPU "skeleton." So I don't expect any blowouts in that area, like I typically get from other shoes.

I normally wear a 10.5-11 in other shoes. I went with 11.5 for these, and they fit perfectly.

Lastly, as for the vast majority of negative reviews about this model, those are from folks who came from the 2.5 version- which was much different. Altra is very clear in the description that the V3s are completely re-designed, and have a much firmer feel. I'm sorry if you're upset that the V3s are a different shoe from the 2.5s. But it's your own fault for purchasing them under any other set of expectations.

For everyone else who have never used the 2.5s, this is a fantastic shoe.
Sure would like to find out. But both of the prev drops either didn’t have the size I need or the color (Blue).

Anxiously awaiting another drop. 🙏🏼
I wear UK 8. What size of this shoe should be OK for me.
We were able to have quite a few sizes restocked - hopefully this allows a few more of you to join! Any size that is currently showing as sold out will not be replenished for this drop.
If considering these, definitely get a half size larger than you would normally buy. While my normal size is ok-ish, a 1/2 size larger would be so much nicer!
Altra has the poorest side size consistency that I've come across. I typically wear a US 11 for any mm shoe. Purchased a Lone Peak 3.5 last month in size US 11.5, yet a different Altra model was US 11....

Now, what would you suggest I that I purchase?
I have a pair of Altra Superior 3.5’s that are a 10, my normal size, and they are just fine. The One v3 though I should have gotten a 10.5
Rats! No Blue ones like the previous drop a couple of months ago when they didn’t have my size. 🤔 Now they don’t even have the color I want (matched the scrubs I wear for work). 🤨 I was all set to pull the trigger as soon as I saw today’s email. I’m so anxious to try the zero-drop design. Oh well, maybe next time. 😕
This model runs small mine are too small... :-(
These were shipped on May 10th. According to the tracking information the item hasn’t moved since May 10th. Has anyone else had a delivery problem?
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I sent an email to MassDrop and they said the shoes got lost and they resent the order. The order is delivered by FedEx via the USPS. It took about a week when it was resent.
wow, i thought the shipping date said june 17 but i took a closer look and it said JULY, they're not gonna be here by the time i start school again ffs
How can they be sold out on certain sizes even though the order hasn’t been placed? I was going to order a pair for my wife and myself. Guess not
HUH! You're right. I'd been dragging my feet on this and went to Join, but the 12.5's are gone in both Black and Blue. Oh well. Dreams are shattered. ;-)

It didn't even occur to me that sizes wouldn't be available since there was no mention of quantity restrictions in the Description.

UPDATE: You know, I’m quite upset about this. 😡☹️ If there was limited quantities available, then the drop should have said so. As it stands, it appears some of us missed out on this while we did our research. Once the decision had been made, only then do we discover not all sizes shown were available. This should have been made clear at the outset. There was no hint that this was a race to the shelves and once a size was sold out then the drop was over at that point. 😕🤨
Do these fit like Addidas running shoes or more like the Salomons?
I see you have asked several times. Apparently no one seems to know.

I’m surprised myself that there isn’t more discussion about these since shoes are a very personal item.

Either way, I think I will pull the trigger on a couple pairs for myself. And the Dark Blue matches the scrubs we wear at the hospital I work at.
Am I correct in assuming that, because of the Toebox, you can’t wear normal socks with these shoes? You would have to wear toe socks? This would be my first experience with this style of shoe. But I’m liking the “corrective” nature of these since bunions are an issue for me. Thanks!
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Thanks so much! This helps towards my decision. 👍🏼
No you wear regular socks. The toe box is shaped like the human foot so more room for your toes. I have pair of the line peaks and they are awesome