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Aluminum Case For Leopold FC660M

Aluminum Case For Leopold FC660M

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Will this drop ever come back? I want to blue case to match my natalius keykaps :(
Any idea when this drop will be back up? And if the blue case here matches the natalius keykaps?
just got mine.
I thought Champagne color would match well with recent PD-white keycaps from picture below,
but this time it is more like gold or yellow :(
Received my red case today.

Impressive fit, perfect anodizing finish and color.
Feels solid and heavy, much better than the plastic case.

1. The aluminum feet raise the back too high and make the front edge of the case scrape the desk's surface.
2. The supplied white adhesive 3M "feet" pads don't help with the aluminum feet (unless you put them right at the front edge of the case - see picture below.
3. I'll probably need to remove the aluminum feet an just use the 4 white adhesive pads.
4. The supplied adhesive pads should've been black (not white).
5. The original felt pad inside the Leopold case can't be used in the aluminum case (it makes it too thick).

In summary, it's a great case. Don't bother ordering the "feet" - they suck on this case. Pads should be black.

any guide to remove the original case ?
There's only one screw - it's under the "OK" sticker. The case is held together with molded clips all around the bottom edges. I used 4 credit cards - slip them (two on each long side) in-between the outer case edge and bottom base working with the kb upside down. Keep all 4 cards in place as you work to free the corner clips with a small thin bladed screwdriver and it will eventually pop open.
I would definitely get this if they made it for the FC660c.
wait for Norbauer case then in 2018
Hot damn, if they made this case for a 660c I would be on this train in half a second. I hope the norbauer one doesn't cost as much as the rf cases did.
does anyone know if this case will work with a FC660C running a TMK FC660C Alt Controller? It does look like it would possibly work but I prefer to confirm that if its possible.
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I wish I could get this for the 980M. :(
Anyone who is in the states that wants to sell theres, let me know please!
Green case pictures for next time this drops:
1 day left and no answer to any of my questions about weight or feets or green case pictures.
3 days left on drop and no pictures of the GREEN case option =\
I like Clueboard but don't want to spend so much $ on the fancy RGB case, so I'm considering just buying the parts to build one myself.

My question: Does this come with a plate? If not, does anyone know where I can buy one for it? If I'm trying to build a keyboard that feels solid, is a plate necessary?
I believe it just the case with no plate.
Wonder if this would work with the Archiss ProgresTouch Retro Tiny..
It should, since the ProgresTouch Retro Tiny is just a rebrand of the FC660M by Archiss who distribute Leopold's products in Japan.