Aluminum ErgoDox Top Plates (Pair)search

Aluminum ErgoDox Top Plates (Pair)

Aluminum ErgoDox Top Plates (Pair)

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Aluminum Power

If you're looking at this, you already have a keyboard that practically no one on earth has. However, you may or may not feel the need to add your own personal touch to the keyboard by putting a solid aluminum top plate on it. Aluminum has all sorts of fun properties, but the most important one is that it makes the ErgoDox look like it was a keypad designed to launch nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

Aluminum ErgoDox Top Plates (Pair)

Available in Both Sizes!

We have plates in both Classic and Full size for your ErgoDox top plating needs. Be warned that purchasing this is a slippery slope and that you will most likely need some machined Aluminum key caps in the near future, but don't worry, we're already working on that.

Aluminum ErgoDox Top Plates (Pair)


  • Machined 6061 Anodized Aluminum
  • Available in both Classic and Full sizes


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Estimated ship date is Apr 25, 2014 PT.

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