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Never again? Probably my favorite pair of sunglasses ever.
They really should try to do this one again.
Just received mine from the March Bazaar sale. Arrived in one piece, polarization is better than the pair of $300 RayBans I have sitting on my desk. They're comfy, knowing my luck with sunglasses I'll probably get another pair when/if drop goes live again _b
I absolutely love mine. I can't wait until the drop goes live again so I can order a larger gold-rimmed pair
I've had some close calls, but they haven't gotten lost or broken yet. The polarization is excellent.
I never received mine..
Two shipments at the same time.

What I'd do if I had a million dollars, I guess?

Seems inefficient, but I'm not complaining for 3.75$ shipping.
Mine arrived today in Australia, they look to be correct and unmolested, also in time for my summer at least.
Same , mine arrived last week in perfect order...
I should say customer service has gotten back to me and it sounds like they are going to make things right. Im glad I can go back to disliking AO, but loving massdrop. I'll bet they are regretting working with AO big time about now.
They should be careful with this drop. The insane wait raised frustration levels, but that was on AO. Packing, shipping, QC, and especially customer service are squarely on massdrop's shoulders. I have been in over a dozen successful drops but this one is becoming a real litmus test on how I use massdrop in the future and how I tell friends about the site. Not hearing anything 48 hours after contacting customer service is making me think seriously about deleting my account.
Has anyone had any luck contacting customer support about this drop?
still waiting. my guess is that they are contacting ao for an explanation.
Yep, mine aren't in the best shape either. Bummer.
Mine arrived, the frames are bent. The nose bridge pads are not even close to aligned, with one sitting in a relatively correct location, one bent outside the front of the lens. Total shit.
Well I got them but every feature I requested was wrong. This drop has just been a train wreck. I'm so glad this wasn't one of my first few drops.
I am quite disappointed to not to say pissed. The sunglasses arrived today, they are in good condition, but the lens size is nowhere the supposed size. The frame size on the bayonet is marked as 52, but the longest diameter in the lenses is 48mm. This makes it look like kid glasses. :(
Anyone else get their sunglasses only to find them bent about like some failed origami? They work, but only barely...
My pair arrived today, finally.
Suxors to be me. How many others still waiting?