Amonkhet Full Set (Preorder)search

Amonkhet Full Set (Preorder)

Amonkhet Full Set (Preorder)

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The desert: one of the most trying and unforgiving climates known to man or beast, sets the stage for the latest Magic: the Gathering set. In the dusty oasis of Amonkhet lies an opportunity that cannot be turned down—a chance to claim a spot among the elite by competing in the Trials of the Five Gods. In Amonkhet, death is merely the start of a new beginning. With the new gameplay mechanic Embalm, players can revive creatures from the graveyard, creating zombie versions to fight alongside them once again. As the chants of the gods ring out, we’re left with ominous words echoing in our heads: One from many, by force of will, forged by might, driven by fire, born by death, to rise eternal. Will you fall, or will you rise?

Note: This drop is a preorder. The Amonkhet set will be released on April 28th. Quantities are limited to 21 units. 

Amonkhet Full Set (Preorder)

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  • Wizards of the Coast
  • All 264 cards in the Amonkhet set


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Estimated ship date is May 8, 2017 PT.

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