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I bought 4 of these and all but 1 is still working. They seemed to last about 1-2 months before they just stopped working.
I've been using mine for 3 months.. both are working fine still.
Both of mine failed and stopped working with lightning, one of them got extremely hot and started to smolder/burn within 30 seconds of the USB-A side being plugged into a port.
Exactly the same thing happened to me. How are they still selling this???
Mine seemed to work fine in a micro usb socket, but broke immediately upon attempting to use it with an iPhone. Massdrop refunded it immediately upon my contacting them, though - so kudos to Massdrop for their response.
I've been using mine for about a month now, so I wanted to throw my two cents in. The cable looks great, exactly what I wanted and expected. I love the idea of a leather cable instead of a boring plastic cable. Both sides of the connection have worked fine for me so far, I've only used it to charge devices. The micro-B side seems to stay in better than the Lightning side. My biggest gripe is how large the Lightning/micro-B side is. This isn't a flaw in the cable, it's just larger than the basic Apple Lightning cable, so I can't use it with most cases on my iPhone. I would happily buy another cable if they could make the plug smaller.
Welp... After all this time the cable has finally decided to stop working. I will be yet another person on here reporting the cable smoking and getting extremely hot after plugging it in. I've used mine daily up until today with no problems. Then suddenly I plugged it into an iPad Pro (like I have many times before) and it just started to smoke in a few seconds. I've contacted Massdrop to see if they can do anything.
Disappointed that it doesn't fit in my iphone Lifeproof case, and I'm not taking the device out of the case every night to charge
Wish this was a USB Type C or similar cable...There's a significant number of us Google smartphone owners that would jump at these cables, the selection for us online is pretty shit right now.
I guess what I don't understand is. Why with this item having so many issues would Massdrop keep bringing this item back? Did they buy too many before? I am a regular shopper on Massdrop and I haven't seen any other item have so many complaints and or issues. Massdrop we are your customers. Don't you care?
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I guess that's it. It still bothers me that Massdrop keeps bringing back an item that has so many issues.
ryan92084 is probably right. I saw the product page and almost joined. Then I checked the discussion, saw this, and decided to leave it alone. Thanks for bringing this up; you're doing a great public service. I hope there's a way to sticky this post.
Totally disappointing. Cheap quality - lower guage cable - slow charging. Do not use it to charge iPhone or iPad, the grips (hook style) will ruin the lightning port.
Yeah. I had two replaced. And they were tested by a person there at mass drop before they were sent out. One has worked on my iPhone for a few weeks but now you have to wiggle it, and the other one never worked on my roommates iPhone, but the android side seems to work fine on both.

So so it's not massdrop. But this product just sucks. Don't but it. You WILL regret.

I just wanted to post a warning that the cable I received managed to damage two pins inside my iPad Air 2 lightning port. Confirmed by Apple to be caused by a cable insertion which cost me £250 to repair.

I've owned many third party cables in the past (usually Anker/Aukey) but never had even a scratch inside the port before.

Be warned.
as bent w
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My cable arrived broken. The phone connection was bent. Very shabby design, weak construction and a lack of quality control. I have reached out to Massdrop and Amped no response from either company. Not what I expected from reading the reviews. Very disappointed I hope it will be resolved.
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I think the comments speak well to my experience with these cables. Noble idea but the execution just doesn't seem to be up to par when compared to the construction and quality of, say, Belkin cables. Massdrop took care of me and all is ok now, but I want to encourage the designer to keep working on this cable as I think it's a good idea.
Cable keeps slipping out of the charging dock. Pretty shoddy design for a pretty cool concept imo