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Amphion Helium410 Speakers

Amphion Helium410 Speakers

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Compact, High-Quality Desktop Speakers

Handmade in Finland by Amphion, the Helium410 speakers are compact and easily placeable throughout the home—whether you set them on your desk or farther away for TV and movie applications. Each speaker features a 1-inch titanium tweeter, a 4.5-inch paper woofer, and a two-way vented operating principle. Despite their small size, they sound full-bodied and work well without a subwoofer. Hifi Hunt reviewer Denom says, “The Helium series is the entry-level offering in the Amphion range and the 410 is the smallest speaker in the Helium series. Four words to describe these speakers: imaging, timing, dynamics, tonality. That Amphion invites you to listen to a speaker with the volume lowered might not be the most obvious way of selling it to a wider audience. However, there is a reason for this unusual approach. The Helium 410 is designed to offer excellent imaging and clarity even at very low volumes.”

Note: This drop is for a pair of passive speakers, which will need a power amplifier for operation. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of 12 color options. Along with the standard black and white finishes, there are a number of unique grid options for those looking to add some color to their homes. 

Color Options

Full White
Standard White
White with Black Grids
White with Stone Gray Grids
White with Traffic Red Grids
White with Sky Blue Grids
White with Turquoise Blue Grids
White with Heather Violet Grids
White with Yellow Green Grids
White with Sulfur Yellow Grids
White with Beige Brown Grids


  • Amphion
  • Operating principle: 2-way, vented
  • Drivers: 1” titanium tweeter, 4.5” paper woofer
  • Crossover point: 1,600 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • Frequency response: 60–20,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
  • Power recommendation: 20–80 W
  • Dimensions, W x H x D: 5.25 x 10.25 x 8.75 in (132 x 259 x 220 mm)
  • Weight per speaker: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Handmade in Finland


  • Pair of passive speakers (power amplifier required for operation)


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