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I thought I had chosen the unicorns and the cactus. But the picture on my email show shows the dogs and the unicorns. I cannot find an email showing otherwise. Is it possible to check that I ordered the right thing?
If you click on the little arrow beside your picture in the upper right corner, and select transactions from the drop-down list, you should be able to see what you committed to. :)
Did I just imagine that the listing originally said something like In-stock, ready to ship within 3 days (or similar), and now the shipping indicates by May 10th?
Can shipping be combined for 3 separate orders or the same drop going to the same mailing address? (they were purchased at different times/days)
Hi kpuck,
The drop is still live so your best bet is to go into one of the transactions and add additional orders to that. This will combine the shipping. After doing this, you can delete the other orders. I wouldn't delete the other orders first though. If a pattern you want has sold out since you first placed your orders, you won't be able to add it in. Hope that makes sense!
That's really helpful, I wasn't aware I could do that. Thank you for the help!
These are cheaper on Amazon.
The description says that Dogs in Sweaters is an option at base price and it isn't. Only Lisa the Unicorn is an option. Is this a typo and its actually not an option or a glitch to add it as an option?
Thanks for flagging this! Dogs in Sweaters should be available in checkout now.
Why isn’t dogs in sweaters an option?
Dogs in Sweaters should be available in checkout now.
Just wantes to know when this will ship? :) I know it’s onlybeen a day since the estimated ship date ! :) thank you for your time:)
In thinking of buying this as a gift. I lied to my co-worker and said I saw these somewhere and found out which pattern she likes.....

Okay so what is This? Does she sew around it or something? Are there different sizes?
These are quilting patterns, so they likely wont be appreciated by anyone who isn’t a quilter! This is just the pattern - a paper book of instructions telling you exactly how to make the quilt in the photo. This does not come with any fabric or supplies, so in order to make the quilt in the pattern, she would either need to have or buy fabric and supplies to actually make the quilt.
I was so pleased that I could buy a pattern at a fantastic price. I have done the Forrest Friends many times looking forward to doing a new one
Went to purchase the unicorn pattern but it was sold out. :(
The patterns that I am interested in aren't available.
Um guys, you seriously underestimated interest. Please get more.
Adding more? All but 1 are sold out:(
Is there a possibility of getting more patterns? They are pretty much all sold out already.