Anodized CNC Aluminum Case for WhiteFoxsearch

Anodized CNC Aluminum Case for WhiteFox

Anodized CNC Aluminum Case for WhiteFox

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

They were 115 originally.
What did these cost? I'm buying one second hand and want to know if I'm getting ripped off — thanks!
Hi, can you give me the contacts. I need to buy one too and I would be more than happy if this will work out. Thank you very much, sir.
I joined this drop last time. To anyone who is planning to join, I have a few warnings for you. 1. There is limited warranty. My set did not come with aluminum feet. I contacted Massdrop and they are not able to ship me a set. Instead, they gave me a $5 coupon which can be used for future group buys. #lame.
2. Mine came with anodization issues. I have some deep scratches on mine and also the paint color is not uniform. Some parts of the case is darker than some parts. I bought the cyan case and it's not obvious unless you look at it closely.
EDIT: this is what i received
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They charge $15 for the feet?!? Here:
You can get em for $9 with no MD wait lol
What did these cost? I'm buying one second hand and want to know if I'm getting ripped off — thanks! thumb_up
Anyone know if this will fit other 65% boards? For example the Red Scarf II
No. Different layout.
Can we get a disclaimer or have it put somewhere in the info section that this case won't work for the new whitefox/nightfoxes that are on their kickstarter?
thanks for flagging + will do
You the dude thanks for the prompt response.
Too bad there isn't a black one.. Also I never got my defect top plate replaced.. What a mess the Whitefox drop was.
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Yep. Totally agree. Wish I would have just waited.
ill probably be selling my zealio prima whitefox when i can buy a nightfox and whitefox usb-c in vanilla layout from Input Club. Wouldve jumped in on the kickstarter if they have the vanilla layout
Why have this now, when the kickstarter for the White/NightFox won't be compatible with these? Seems kinda shady...
They *really* should mention that caveat. There are people who have the older revision whitefox boards (like me) that may still be interested.
Agreed. The timing of this being brought back with the kickstarter ending just seems very suspicious to me.
I've ordered the NightFox, it comes with USB type-C, will this fit the new kit?
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Good to know, thanks!
They modified the case, so probably not. Go ask on kickstarter. " @Andrew Lawrence - We may support the other layouts in the future, but we are not addressing that need in the campaign. Also, we are changing the case slightly and aftermarket WhiteFox plates will not fit any longer until we release the update. " - KickStarter Comment Section
My order never came with the aluminum feet, anyone else?
So, good news that the screws and allen wrench are included for installation. Bad news, I'm also missing the rubber feet. Also, the drills for all three holes are upside down, what's up with that?
So because there wasn't a manufacturer's warranty and Massdrop doesn't have any stock, I'm now stuck with either having a defective case or mailing it back to them for a refund. Classy.
Did not get the 3 rubber feet. Off to Massdrop Support.
Does anyone think the S65-x would fit in this?
No black = Only 21 sold with one day left.
They really should have run this in parallel with an actual Whitefox drop.
I love everything about this style of keyboard, except the lack of an F row. I use F keys every day where one key strike is important for timing.

Damn you normies and lack of F keys usage.
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oh, vortex's caps are made by SP themselves? i had thought it was a "clone".
also i just realised the drop finished yesterday anyway so uh. whoops
(i would probably put forward that the most vocal in the keyboard "enthusiast community" here care A Lot about having lots of caps, but ones who get less involved like me are likely to have more of a passing interest. like, i've had my eye on a few.. but they cost almost as much as the race3 anyway, and i only have so much money to go round. everyone i personally know either has none or one keycap sets, also because of money. (assuming a custom from WASD counts as a keycap set to you?) like... the race3 was my first kb purchase since 2011, aside from buying some replacement switches to do repair in 2014)
I'm not 100% sure on the SP keycap thing, they just look incredibly similar and happen to have the same kits available.
To each their own regarding keysets. I'm building 4 more keyboards this year so that goes hand in hand with it.
I have the WF that shipped DEC2016. My silver aluminum case does not have the three oblong cutouts for feet. It came with three round 3M feet. Also, the cone feet with my WF appear to be taller. The feet pictured in this drop appear to be the shorter ones that drop frequently. Is this case run sourced from the same fabricator as the last WF drop?
A black case would double your sales. Hint hint.
is hardware included to mount the plate to the case? if not, how does one go about sourcing some?
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Sorry about the delay.
You will see they are quite flush. This WF is missing the bottom case and has stand-offs as I am using it for debugging.

Awesome, thanks again!
Any day now! I'm in on this one. Especially with those keycaps from the other drop from Matt3o.
don't do this to me......
I've been waiting for months now. You and I both know it is worth it!
Are the feet the same height, it doesn't appear to be? Is the mounting hole for feet hardware the same, looks like a countersink hole for a machine screw?
Maybe if i had a WhiteFox I would buy this case.... lol
I bought this case last time it was up thinking, the whitefox itself must be right around the corner.. aaaaaany day now. Still waiting!
Will the WhiteFox keyboard drop soon as well?
theres some drama going on between massdrop and matt3o. There may not be another whitefox with massdrop if the issues are not resolved.
Any chance this might fit a TADA68?
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Ahh it's a universal plate for the whitefox not the 60 if you're trying to do what I'm doing. It's this that you want.
I meant I'm using their 60% plate for my Miami Dolch build. The Whitefox will be ordered with it.
How is there not a black, white, or silver option?!
The original is silver
Got my case in a few days ago and it's pretty nice. There are some anodizing issues like some Adidas stripes as I call them so I mean QC could be better
any chance to get a nuclear green anodized ?
I would love any green
Any estimates on a new ship date? :/
Yes please! Any ETA on ship date?
I went with the aqua. Now to find a keyset to match it.
Teal Matt3o dev/tty?