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AAJoe do you know specs of the pop filter? Or if you sell replacements. My dog tore mine up when i was a work :(
lol send us an email - We'll mail you a new one :) Tell em I sent ya!
I need one!
Too late to request after the drop ended since there are 2 weeks left before the shipping?
Hi! I mistakenly joined the drop twice. I thought the first one didn't register since the button still said "Join Drop" after I finished my checkout transaction. Apparently, I received two emails with two transaction ID's. I really don't want to get charged twice. Is there any way to void my first transaction?
Nevermind. Just found out you can go to transactions and cancel it yourself.

I do want to reiterate that the "Join Drop" button shouldn't stay the same even after actually joining the drop.
Thanks :)
I need one, so you can talk to the guys to send me the second one and I will pay for it ;)
Will this actually be shipped on the 29th or can it be sooner?
Well, you're asking Massdrop. "sooner," not likely, "later," about 50% chance.
excellent product. i'd get the muteless version though, if at all possible.

got mine from Massdrop in 2014 and it's still going strong!

Note: most integrated sound cards have low output power. if it's too low at ~85% input volume (windows), you should definitely get a USB sound card for your computer.
For a laptop I'd get one regardless of volume, as the integrated devices often cause lots of interference on mic and headphones as well.
One of those cheap $5 USB sticks on ebay will do the job just fine.

Haven't tried the Antlion USB adapter, but I guess it should be powerful enough?
Is the muted version more prone to malfunction?
Well, I wouldn't say anything we make is "prone to malfunction" however, I will say that yes, the most common fail point on the ModMic 4 is the in-line mute switch. It should still take many years to happen though.

I believe the order of failure goes mute switch connection, strain relief, eaten by cat or dog, in that order :) Two of those are covered under warranty!
Link still not fixed?
Mine still greyed out
Does anyone know if the Y-adapter works with Nintendo Switch? If it does my friends and I who own NS would want one. Thanks.
I thought the switch didn't have a mic-in, online gaming was done via your phone or something weird?
You are correct, thanks. I suspect deep down I wanted to forget it because of how stupid it was....
Would like to order but cant......
Broken purchase link? Is this the return of last year's Massdrama?