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Where's the price?
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@HassanS can we get the AntLion ModMic Wireless in the next drop?
Ah, the horrific feedback loops that are gonna blow out ears when these get slapped onto open backs.
It's extremely rare to even hear a mild case of feedback loop, let alone ear shattering - and very easy to fix :).
Seems like if I order this drop through Antlion, that already comes with 5 cable clips and an extra magnet mount. Does anyone know if the base drop comes with those as well? That's about all I'll need for using it normally and it'd be great to go without shelling out that extra for the expansion if I don't need to.
Yes the base drop also comes with the initial cable clips and base clasp extra.
I could not be more disappointed with this product. The Y adapter doesn't work, it simply doesn't recognize headphones. I've tried using four different headphones, plugged into three different devices, it's not the equipment I'm using, the thing just doesn't work. The mic fine I guess, but you'll get a much better deal out of buying literally ANY gaming headset. I've had 20 headphone/mic combos with better audio quality.
Hi Hemmy, sorry to hear you're having issues. We have a full 1 year warranty on parts, so if the Y adapter is faulty (it does happen but is extremely rare) we can replace it. As for quality, most people feel the ModMic is superior in quality to many of the top mics, so there may be something wrong. Please contact us at or drop by our Discord at - We're here to help you get the absolute most out of our products and won't rest till we do!
So how does this work, when it comes to Xbox. I plug my headphones into my receiver, and then the mic gets plugged into my controller for voice, and then in my Xbox settings I choose voices to come out speakers (headphones)? I currently do this now, but with the Xbox official mic headset around my neck and my K7XX over my ears; yes, looks ridiculous just as it sounds.
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You will need y adapter which will be plugged into your controller and both headphones and this mic will be plugged into the adapter. I have a usb y adapter plugged into my PS4 pro because I think plugging adapter would drain battery faster.
I see. Thanks everyone. My issue is that I would like to use my receiver for the audio (audio quality), rather than my controllers input. I'm thinking, like what was mentioned above, that it should work if I plug headphones to receiver and mic to my controller.
I'm confused about the Y-adapter pictured. The description seems to indicate it's a standard RCA adapter, but the image has a USB connector photoshopped on, and the graph at the bottom seems to indicate that Mac users will need something else.... so what is it? I'd be more inclined to join the drop if I knew exactly what adapter I need to make it work with Mac... or if MD could be bothered to post an _actual_ photo of the adapter.
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Thanks! I appreciate the response. I was so confused trying to figure out how the pictured device would help you connect to an game console! I must have gotten the ModMic Business and ModMic 4 on your site confused - they do look the same. The business one is probably the one she'd need since her main use is with a laptop and the USB adapter would be good for that (bypassing the generally noisy built-in ports). I'm glad I didn't go ahead and order it assuming I'd get the pictured adapter then! Hopefully you guys don't end up having a bunch of people thinking they're buying a USB adapter and getting something completely different.
Alrighty! I just got off the phone and we're pretty sure Massdrop accidentally put up the wrong pictures. It is not the USB adapter, it is the Y adapter for TRRS ports. Laptops are weird. USB works for sure, but many laptops only have a TRRS jack (a mic + headphone combo port). Ironically because laptops produce less EMI (especially when run on battery) the ModMic tends to work very well on them without a USB adapter. For tower PCs we recommend the USB adapter (not the Y adapter). So, in short: This drop does not have the USB adapter. You'll have to buy that separately. If your wife's laptop does not have a dedicated mic port, you'll need either the USB or the Y adapter sold here (but probably not both) :) Hope that was clear, if not, ask away and I'll reply asap.
I recently got one on amazon, and was pissed off it wouldn't work. Read through the reviews and saw people needing to use a usb sound card. Annoyed, I got the sabrent usb off amazon for $8 and it worked perfectly. Beware: you might have to spend more to get this product working with your motherboard. Other than that, it seems pretty decent.
Thanks for the heads up for everyone @public - we don't try to hide that info or anything, but it's something we're actively working on improving both messaging and product to prevent the confusion or even the need for this in the future. Yes, we strongly recommend a USB adapter for use on PC!
@AAJoe do you know specs of the pop filter? Or if you sell replacements. My dog tore mine up when i was a work :(
lol send us an email - We'll mail you a new one :) Tell em I sent ya!
I need one! Too late to request after the drop ended since there are 2 weeks left before the shipping?
Hi! I mistakenly joined the drop twice. I thought the first one didn't register since the button still said "Join Drop" after I finished my checkout transaction. Apparently, I received two emails with two transaction ID's. I really don't want to get charged twice. Is there any way to void my first transaction?
Nevermind. Just found out you can go to transactions and cancel it yourself.
I do want to reiterate that the "Join Drop" button shouldn't stay the same even after actually joining the drop. Thanks :)
I need one, so you can talk to the guys to send me the second one and I will pay for it ;)
Will this actually be shipped on the 29th or can it be sooner?
Well, you're asking Massdrop. "sooner," not likely, "later," about 50% chance.
excellent product. i'd get the muteless version though, if at all possible.
got mine from Massdrop in 2014 and it's still going strong!
Note: most integrated sound cards have low output power. if it's too low at ~85% input volume (windows), you should definitely get a USB sound card for your computer. For a laptop I'd get one regardless of volume, as the integrated devices often cause lots of interference on mic and headphones as well. One of those cheap $5 USB sticks on ebay will do the job just fine.
Haven't tried the Antlion USB adapter, but I guess it should be powerful enough?
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Well, I wouldn't say anything we make is "prone to malfunction" however, I will say that yes, the most common fail point on the ModMic 4 is the in-line mute switch. It should still take many years to happen though.
I believe the order of failure goes mute switch connection, strain relief, eaten by cat or dog, in that order :) Two of those are covered under warranty!
I got the mutable version back in 2015 - I'm not sure what updates have been made to it, but my mute button was not good to use.
The slightest touch of the button causes a lot of interference and noise. Toggling the switch causes an extremely loud sound that wasn't friendly when I used it in meetings. When muted, it's fine, its utilizing the button that was an issue. I stopped using it for 1-2 years because of this.
I'm needing to use the mic again recently and today actually I soldered off the switch so I can use the mic without interference. Seems good so far without the switch. I'll mute through the applications I'm using instead.
Link still not fixed?
Mine still greyed out
Does anyone know if the Y-adapter works with Nintendo Switch? If it does my friends and I who own NS would want one. Thanks.
I thought the switch didn't have a mic-in, online gaming was done via your phone or something weird?
You are correct, thanks. I suspect deep down I wanted to forget it because of how stupid it was....
Would like to order but cant......
Broken purchase link? Is this the return of last year's Massdrama?
Wow. I JUST bought the Massdrop MiniMic...
I'm ready to buy, please fix the ordering page Massdrop. Some of the options are missing and the order button is grayed out.
Hey I want to join this drop but am unable due to the commit button being grayed out when entering my information!
five bucks for a 3.5mm cable and some sugru. then order 5 voip mics from ali or dx for 50cents each = diy modmic
of course now that i bought a minimic the modmic goes on sale.
maybe next paycheck.
Is it just me, or is this product not being bought by anyone simply because the ordering page is broken? I can't seem to select if I wanted the combo pack or accessories.
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Same here
Fixed now!
@AntlionJoe Will this drop anytime soon again? I've been searching for this microphone in a very long time now; I know currently the Massdrop Minimic is up for sale, but I'd really prefer the Modmic 4.0 because of the better sound quality, plus the payment ain't that much higher.
Just FYI this is back :) Sadly the order page is broken (daaaaaaannnnggg youuuuu masssssdroppp!) but I am sure they'll have it fixed soon.
Fixed now!
Finally have a decent headphone/mic setup. Running the Sennheiser HD6XX through my AV Reviever (Marantz 6012) and they sound great. Will have a dedicated amp/dac setup in the future (looking at GD R2R 11). Currently have the ModMic pluged in via a splitter to my controller. I've had difficulties optimizing this setup due to powering the headphones from an external source (not the controller) and therefore not being able to adjust chat volume in Xbox settings. To fix this I am now running the ModMic to a computer (with Windows 10) and using the Xbox app to host parties. A bit more complicated than I prefer, but it works nonetheless.
If anyone has suggestions of how to better setup this combination on Xbox, advise would be nice. I don't want to plug the headphones into the splitter, sound quality and volume is not as good.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the ModMic thus far. The unidirectional function of this mic works great and blocks out even loud music that I have playing in the background. But I can still speak quietly and be heard.
Thanks for the drops, Massdrop!

Just so you guys know, you can buy strips of 3M tape on amazon for a couple of dollars and re-use your base magnets, rather than spending 15-20 dollars getting ripped off for a couple more. The old tape comes off pretty easy if you work the edges then rip it off, and the new tape adheres exactly the same.
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I appreciate the problem you're having with the adhesive, but the average life of people's adhesives is over 3 years based on our survey results. We believe this current adhesive is as strong as possible without damaging the surface it is applied to. Stronger adhesives exist, but we don't want our base clasp to damage the headphones should you remove it or the adhesive fail. I'm certainly not arguing that you're having difficulty with it, and you're certainly not the first or only person. I would love to know why your adhesive failed though, but its hard to ID since if you knew you wouldn't have the problem in the first place :) Here's some quick tips/common issues: Installation: Be sure to really clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and make sure its totally dry. Don't touch the surface with your fingers after cleaning. Stick it on and hold it down very firmly for 1-3 minutes and then let it rest for an hour. For even more firmness, heat the adhesive with a hair dryer and let it rest with a book or something on it overnight. Careful not to melt the adhesive.
Cable and Resting Positions: Once you get the cables set up how you want, make sure there's a little bit of slack on the microphone cable so the mic isn't taking the entire weight of the headphone cable and any cable stress. Don't rest the device ON the mic when you set it down. If you don't have a good headphone stand, just lay your headphones down mic-up. Most adhesive failures do not occur due to a sharp amount of force, but rather a small amount of force over a prolonged period.
If I can think of more I'll post them :)
The adhesive is fine, I never switched tape with my old headphones (closed back) switched to an open back headphone which caused me to replace the adhesive more often. And who cares about replacing adhesive, the microphone is great and being able to use my favourite headphones for VOIP is amazing.
I picked up a ModMic during the October drop and have been using it with Sennheiser HD579's and a PS4. The adhesive has held up well even though it is mounted to the metal screen on the outside of the headphones. The performance of the mic exceeded my expectations. Nobody complains about hearing background noise like a football game or the sound of my furnace that is 6 feet away from where I play in an unfinished basement. My only complaint is that the cord is super long and not modular so that I can swap out different lengths. I can't wait for the (hopefully) inevitable ModMic 5.0 drop.

Thanks for the review @TreeFrogs - Glad to see another happy customer :)
Don't buy the modmic 5. Just get a TRRS Jack and solder on a new connection after cutting it shorter. I have an old unused modmic 4, I may do this for the heck of it but I'll need to buy some TRRS jacks first. EDIT: I just purchased several TRRS Jacks, gonna be a couple weeks until they arrive, but I will post the results.
you've got to be kidding me. I JUST bought the minimic....
should i take this or go to modmic 5 ? i already have 1 and need 1 more for my sony ma900 tough :(
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in don't have really xlr connection amp so i pass on it i play purely on pc gaming and console only
That's tempting, but I already have a Modmic 5, and a DAC. Additional costs of a decent XLR capable ADC of decent quality and a new mic isn't something I need, I'd rather buy more headphones. Good to see you guys branching out a bit though.
My version is the muteless omni variety, purchaced in 2016.
The Good ; I had really good audio quality from my old MSI 890GXM-G65 motherboard rear connector. No frills just plug it in and a bit of volume boost helps.
The Bad; Its been 1.5 years since purchase and my cable is cracking and plasticy. At the spot where the cable connects to the boom there protrudes exposed copper. I can bend it a few times with my fingers and cause graying in the black plastic cable. I'm not covered under warranty so I suppose i'll solder a new cable on .
My overall review; I'd buy this again as the quality vs price is good and its super convenient for daily use. Perhaps the company is using higher quality cable instead of this plastic crap now, and i know to give the mic cable more slack next time for easier wear and tear.
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already join my second modmic 4 drops
but for the acc packs the mass tell me to buy another modmic4 so i can get the acc pack
it['s not even let me buy the acc packs more than one :( i use the cable ties in my first modmic if i know was like this instead buying the useless antlion modmic soundcard
i should get the acc pack in my first drop :(
this is sad
do you have any ways to buy 1 modmic4 and 2 acc packs sir?
Yeah I am saying if you email the Massdrop guys right now they SHOULD be able to add a second accessory pack to your order (I don't see why they can't). There's nothing I can do from my side unfortunately, as I don't have access to anything behind the scenes here.
what are the chances that this will drop?
It just opened again, yo.