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Apogee Culinary BD1N Dragon Ice Knives

Apogee Culinary BD1N Dragon Ice Knives

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Premium Blade Steel, Ergonomic Handles

Apogee’s Dragon Ice knives feature a slim profile with a 2.5-millimeter-thick blade, making them easy to maneuver in tight areas. Each knife has a nitrogen-enriched American BD1N steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 63 to maintain its edge. Ergonomically crafted from G-10, the handle is smooth and grippy, with three polished stainless steel bolsters to hold it together. The transition from the handle to the blade is sculpted at an angle for a chef’s-recommended pinch grip. You’ll want to wash these knives by hand to ensure they stay in good condition over time. You can also add a magnetic bamboo sheath at checkout.

Note: At checkout, choose from the following: 8.5-inch Fusion, 3.5-inch paring (- $21), 5.5-inch fillet (-$20), 7-inch santoku (- $8), 9-inch chef (- $4), or 10-inch scimitar (- $2). You can also add a magnetic bamboo sheath (*will not fit on the fusion knife) for (+ $15). Due to the sensitive nature of shipping knives internationally, we can only ship this knife to select countries. It is the responsibility of the buyer to know and comply with all importation regulations and local laws. Click here for additional information.

Magnetic Bamboo Sheath (+ $15)


  • Apogee Culinary Designs
  • Blade: Nitrogen-enriched American BD1N steel
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • HRc: 63
  • Handle: G-10
  • Blade angle: 16º
  • Made in China


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