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Apogee Dragon FIRE BD1N Chef's Knives

Apogee Dragon FIRE BD1N Chef's Knives

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Received mine yesterday, however, right out of the box, the surface of one side of the knife appears to be covered in a light rust along the whole length of the blade, and is rough in texture, whereas the other side of the knife is clean and smooth as you'd expect from a good knife.

Having a heavily rusted knife from day one is obviously not satisfactory for any knife, especially on of this price! Am sure Massdrop support will sort it out for me, but it's not a good sign if something like that manages to pass through quality control with the manufacturer.
Anyone know the edge angle? I wonder since it's a hard steel if has an acuter angle than those of Shuns or MACs.
Nominally, it is supposed to be the same as Shun (15 vs 16 is within their tolerances). I have the 9" dragon fire, a few Shuns, and a couple Miyabis, in addition to some other less common Japanese brands. The Yaxell is far and away the thickest knife behind the edge that I own. It has a wide bezel and isn't particularly acute. The only thing that comes close is this Tojiro DP paring knife I got rid of because it was terrible (thick edge and thick spine, would wedge in everything).
I agree my shun premier santoku is way thinner behind the edge than the dragon fire
I love this line of knives; I already own the Dragon Fusion and the Santoku. Both perform amazingly. I'm interested in purchasing the Gyoto just because I'm a completest. If you want to purchase the minimal number of knives, I'd highly recommend the Chef Fusion or Santoku, as they are the perfect sizes and are extremely versatile .

If you're like me, and you are still interested in one of the Gyotos, you can actually find them for the same price, or cheaper-depending on tax and/or shipping-at chefknivestogo.com. I'm really disappointed that Massdrop is offering these at the same price as most retailers. Considering the extended shipping time, and questions about if Yaxell will honor the Lifetime Warantee, I'd consider this particular drop a pass. Massdrop has had several past drops for these Dragon knives, but some are branded as Yaxell, while others as Apogee. Definitely search for "dragon" to find all of the relevant listings to "request".

If you are looking to try out the BD1N steel, which I recommend, CutleryandMore released their house line of knives under the Nexus brand. They feature the same BD1N steel but at less than 50% the cost of the Yaxell line. I recently ordered the Nexus prep knife just to see how they compare. I haven't received it yet to comment, but you can get the 8in Chef knife for $59 or a Chef and Paring knife combo for $79. These seem to be promotional prices, so may expire at some point.

*The best price for the Chef Fusion knife can be found at agrussell.com.
*The best price on the Santoku can be found at cutleryandmore.com.
*The best price on the Gyoto can be found at chefknivestogo.com
So these are made in Japan, right?
Heard great things about the BD1N steel and the video from Ryky definitely shows the edge retention is high tier. My main issue with it would be the obnoxiously large logo on the side of the blade.
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Hopefully we can get it off somehow. Apart from that I am super excited to get this thing in the kitchen. The steel sounds like its going to be amazing!
I think it depends. Actually I really love that "龍" Dragon character. It looks really cool to me and is one of the biggest reasons I bought the fusion.
Please check out "Cutlery & More".....they're having a big sale on some top of the line Seki steel chef's knives.
41% off with 2 day FREE shipping. Just take a look.
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The 8-inch? It was $99.95 when I last looked back in March. It's currently available for the same price from six different sellers on Amazon:


It's a damascus clad knife with a VG-10 core, so not really all that comparable to the knives in this drop. Personally I'd much rather have one of the Dragon Fire knives, but that's just me.
Yep I agree, I guess most of the people interested in this particular drop is to test the bd1n since its available in so few knife at this moment. Everybody know you can get some vg10 for less than 100$
I purchased the 9.5" Chefs knife a couple months ago through another vendor, I enjoy cooking at home but am not professional cook so please take my experience with a grain of salt. This is my go to knife at home, although not for rocking cuts it is still capable and is ridiculously good for chopping. Over the small amount of time I have been using it the edge holds up extremely well and does not require constant honing to be usable. I don't bother reaching for anything else with the exception of bread or pairing knives for the instances where they are more suited. The quality and durability are huge selling points for me and I cannot recommend the knife enough.
Thank you for your kind words
Try using som Bon ami and a wine cork to scrub with. Should remove the stain without scratching.
I purchased the 9.5" Chef's knife last September and I've been using it frequently ever since. I highly recommend it. This is by far the best knife I've ever owned, or ever used. The balance is perfect, the grip is comfortable and controlled. It's hard to overstate how amazing the blade is - smooth and razor sharp, and holds an edge for an unbelievable length of time. I like to keep my knives *sharp* - with previous knives that I've owned and used this heavily (Victorinox, Henckels, Global) I'd work them across the stones as soon as I felt the edge soften, at least once a month. The Apogee Dragon Fire though.... not once. 7 months of use, and I just slide it along a polished steel and it's ready to go. I'll occasionally kiss it with a leather strop and just to bring it back to 'splitting-atoms' sharp but the edge never really dulls. When push-cutting it glides through nearly anything with the slightest pressure. Incredible.

My first knife was an old Sabatier - large, wide, and nearly straight. Like that knife, the Dragon excels at slicing and chopping but less so with rock-chopping or mincing. The blade is versatile and can do it all, no mistake, but if I had to break down and mince a couple pounds of parsley I'm likely to reach for a big German-style chef's knife with a round belly. That's no criticism of the Apogee Dragon Fire, more akin to saying "a bread knife is better at slicing bread." Also, while the blade is thinner than the also-exceptional Apogee Dragon but not as thin as many Japanese blades, I wouldn't recommend it for people whose knife skills are "banging two rocks together." You don't have to be Jacques Pepin to use this, and the steel is probably tougher than I'm giving it credit for, but sideways pressure on a thin blade makes me cringe. If you have any skill at all, though, I'd recommend this knife as your daily-driver. You'll be amazed every time you use it.
Thank you so much for the considerable time you took to write this.
Great review! I've been using the 9 .5in dragon fire for a couple months now (purchased elsewhere), and 100% agree with everything you mentioned. It's my first truly sharp and well made knife as well, and I'm glad I made the right choice starting there. It's pretty amazing at how well it holds that edge, all I've ever done is use a honing steel rod every now and then.

One thing to note though is that one time I was prepping and I guess something acidic was sliced. I didnt immedietly wipe the knife because I thought it didnt need to, since it is stainless steel. Well a faint brown/black stain did form after I cleaned it on that little spot. Its barely noticeable and very small, but just wanted to mention this so people make sure to at least give the blade a quick wipe after you finish using it, if you dont plan to immedietly clean while you cook. Still way more stainless than a carbon steel or anything like that, leagues apart.

Otherwise its a fantastic knife, and I would direct anyone I know looking for a great chefs knife to get this one. Made me a bit if an Apogee fan lol.
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