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Area sells probably the best bedding you can buy, for those who don't know. Though I don't have this particular blanket, I did splurge on another one from them, the Sally blanket. Top notch quality, soft and warm. The only downside, and I assume this blanket will be the same, is that it needs to be air dried. I don't mind air drying clothes but a blanket is ridiculous. Takes a couple days. Because of that, it only gets washed once a year. As long as you don't sleep with the blanket against your skin, that should be fine. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a good deal on the best quality with minimalist style, this is a sure thing.
It's so expensive because its mundane appearance belies the fact that this blanket was hand-spun by Swedish Shield-maiden's of a bygone era and blessed by Freya and her Valkyries. It's overpriced because it's imported...from the same country that brought you Ikea... that said from a google search the brand is a luxury brand and your paying for the brand over the materials. Granted not all forms of cotton are created equal but the drop fails to state what sort of cotton it is.
This better be a cloak of invisibility
This price will get you a lovely 100% wool full- or queen-size blanket from Pendleton or Woolrich. Warm, durable, and made in the USA, if that matters to you. Nothing against cotton (I use open-weave cotton thermal blankets in summer,) but wool is far more versatile, if you're willing to pay this kind of money.
This brand is consistently ridiculously priced cotton.
Am I missing something, why is a cotton blanket $200+
I spent a few minutes on google trying to figure that out. I don't understand either. Just looks like a nice blanket. But it is just cotton.
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