ArmourLite Caliber T25 Tritium Automatic Watch Setsearch

ArmourLite Caliber T25 Tritium Automatic Watch Set

ArmourLite Caliber T25 Tritium Automatic Watch Set

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Despite the page having an estimated ship date of March 21, we always ship the watches out within a day or two of receiving the final order from Massdrop. The final order usually arrives about two days after the drop ends. As such, as you can expect to get your watch much sooner than estimated.
These watches are ugly and look very cheap.
I am surprised they are on Massdrop.
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If you saw a woman with a nose the size of her head, is it a matter of opinion to say that the woman is ugly?
Can a woman with a nose the size of her head win Miss Universe beauty pageant?
That is impossible, yes?
So a woman with a nose the size of her head is empirically ugly.
Same as this watch.
The numerals are unnecessarily huge and they are not in harmony with the rest of the detailing of the watch.
Maybe you like ugly things and you are confused?
These watches are built like tanks. Definitely not cheap. But I'll agree the design on this particular model is not my favorite. It's a matter of taste. Otherwise, they are incredibly sturdy and well built.
- I couldn't see the movement brand on the Armourlite site but it is on the Massdrop site. ie Seiko - which caliber is it NH38A3J or the NH38A3M ?

Nice watch. If I jump I'm going for the Black Out version for sure.
Hi Whakeback, we use the Seiko NH38A3J mechanical movements made in Japan. The blackout version is a great choice! You'll love it!
What happened to the price? When I committed to the lowest drop price on 8/21, my total with shipping was $258. Now the lowest drop price is $275 + shipping. Assuming this drop completes, how much will it cost me?
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How much is it to replace the tritium inserts?
$10/tube, but all tubes must be replaced at the same time.
Got this watch during one of the previous drops - it's definitely one of my favorites - durable and sturdy. took it to our family vacation, and it held very nicely!
It comes full circle: The Swiss are knocking off G-Shocks. But with automatic mechanical movements. Pretty cool idea, I think. Too bad no exhibition case back.
Hi Cloaca, in lieu of the exhibition case back, these watches have an open-heart window to see the movement ticking away on the dial. Please watch the video at the bottom of the drop page. It's really cool to see the movement in action through the dial.
Can exhausted tritium tubes be replaced during maintenance? Also, I can't see the black-on-black bezel indices. I would be tempted to fill them in using a crayon like we used to do with unpainted dice in D&D. Anybody have experience filling recessed bezel indices to make them more visible?

Hi BostonCharlie, exhausted tritium tubes can indeed be replaced. We offer this option as part of our in-house servicing.
I got my watch the other day, and everything looks great. My only gripe so far is this - the NATO strap that came with the set is much too thick to slide into the space between the watch and pin. Does anyone else have this issue?
I was able to get the NATO strap on, but I had to remove the pins, put the strap in place, and the put the pins back in over it. It was an extremely tight squeeze, but I believe it is supposed to be tight to prevent the watch from slipping around on the strap.
Hrmm... that's not really an effective way to swap out straps. I guess I'll have to stick with two-piece bands then.
Just received my watch in the mail! First impression is overall very positive, but the brightness of the tritium definitely leaves something to be desired. I was hoping for something on par with the brightness of my Trijicon night sights, but no such luck. With that said, the tritium definitely works, and i have no other initial complaints about the watch whatsoever. For those with small arms/wrists like me- the rubber strap does fit (barely), and the size of the watch in general is not too obnoxious for every day wear, though it would be if any larger.
Can u hand wind it