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Arozzi Monza Gaming Chair

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Has the chair shipped yet?
SneeringViper the email
Anybody have an issue with the chair leaning to one side more while sitting? Its almost as if the right side sits a little lower. QC seems to be a problem. On the seat cushion there are four inserts for the screws to mount the arm rests. Out of the four, three had cut outs in the material. Thats cool Arozzi, I got the fourth.
I actually have this same sort of issue. The chair seems to be leaning to one side. Granted this is after use for about less than a year now.
They sent me out a new chair, I would call them if I were you.

ETA: I called them about a month ago about the chair. Thats when they sent me a new one.
No EU ? Silly.
Metal base or plastic base?
I just got my chair today. I had to pay UPS an absurd 53 CAD of extra charges for delivery to Vancouver, BC, Canada. This was not included in the apparent shipping cost of 45 USD for whatever reason, so I ended up paying >200 CAD for this "deal".

A few issues:

-Construction was tricky due to the misaligned hole with the screw hole. It took me an extra half hour to compensate for this.
-It makes an annoying sound every time I lean back.
-It doesn't go low enough. It seems to have an arbitrary minimum height that is still about 1-2 cm too high to comfortably rest my feet on the floor while leaning back even very slightly, and I'm the exact male human average height of 170 cm (source of statistic: Wolfram Alpha). It should be able to go lower if desired.
-The pleather is regretful for me, as I wear shorts and my previous chair had cloth upholstery. I had forgotten how uncomfortable pleather is directly against leg skin. That's my own mistake.
-There's a little conspicuous piece of string sticking out inside the right hole in the back.
-The arms are the only things holding the back on the chair, so they can't be removed.

The best aspect is the position of the back cushioning. It's extremely nice.

Overall, the chair is an upgrade from my previous incredibly uncomfortable chair, but still not ideal. If Arozzi ever makes a similar chair with a more lenient minimum height, no annoying click sound when leaning back, and removable arms, I might buy it. However, it must be able to be shipped to Canada at a reasonable price with all extra charges presented up front.

This was my first experience with Massdrop.

Ignore the derp face. It's a fantastic chair.
I refuse to ignore that derp face.
when the order is supposed to be sent?
strangely enough, I already received mine. massdrop listing says they're shipping out 7/14, last I checked
Just received mine today also even though it said it will shipped out on the 14th
I have a very bad lower back pain. Does this chair provide any solution for that?
If you already have bad lower back pain this is probably not the chair for you. This chair provides a solution for those who are looking for an entry level gaming chair with slightly better support than a standard office chair.
I think I know the answer to this already, but it doesnt recline horizontally to 180 does it?

Either way i'm buying it! Now to save up for the all-black Arena :)
This chair does not recline horizontally.
How many legs does the chair have? Just making sure. The pictures show four clearly, but I'm assuming there's a fifth one hidden from view?
Yes, it is a five star base.
No shipping to Canada? I have noticed in the past that there is a USA only signet for these chairs- however there is not one this time and Canada was an option in the drop-down menu for me.
Yes, Canada is an option for this drop, with an extra shipping charge. I am writing this from Canada right now :)