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I’m really upset. It’s been exactly 3 months and the base of my chair is broken.
A chair that holds this price point should have a metal base.

not sure how to proceed but will he contacting customer support. I’ll update the post accordingly.
Would this chair be good for someone like me who's 6'4 but my height is mostly in my legs? Thanks.
Yep, This chair would be perfect for you. We have a few of these in the office. I am 6'4" 210lbs and it fits me well. Also another guy in the office who is 6'6" uses this chair daily and its great for him.
I purchased a different chair from Arozzi near the holidays, and for the last month the base of the chair has been tilted (so I am siting slanted). I have been trying to contact support but every time I try to call them their phone number results in a "I'm sorry, this number has been disconnected".
I was very happy with the chair... But not at the expense of my health. I just wish I was able to get ahold of someone at Arozzi to resolve this issue.
Hi, we're there to support you. Which number are you calling so I can check why that issue occurs, none of our numbers have been disconnected? Or you can email Also, our website supports direct service and support tickets without sending a separate email. Our direct phone number is 805-484-0132 and we are open during normal business hours Monday through Friday Pacific Time.
Received mine yesterday. I'm going to give it a good test for a week before I leave a review. So far everything is great. The chair is more comfortable then I expected and it was super easy to put together.
wow nice review, gonna take another arozzi chair later :D
Got it, for the most part love it. Certainly an upgrade from what I was using.

Still - without the dropped price I could and would have never even considered it. It has a small tear where one or the stiches has broken apart and the same seam is very uneven and crooked.

one Of the arm rests needs a tremendous amount of force to get to lock into the top position.

The bottom lumbar pillow is about 3/4” thicker on one side so looks all lopsided.

I could Live with the pillow and armrest but the bad stitching on the back has me concerned about longevity let alone aesthetics.

for a 400 dollar chair, a bit more thorough QC eh?

if it weren’t for the issues I like it enough to purchase another as the replacement for this one some day >.<

excellent design.
I kept postponing puttin in my credit car and i missed it by 1 hour :(
Is there a way to lock the wheels and the "rotating" of the seat? So it doesn't swivel or move? If not is there an easy way to add this?
No, you can lock it so it won't rock back but not to swivel.
I've read a few reviews that state the gas cylinder protrudes too low and has scratched users' floors. From the pictures on this drop, this does seem like a possibility. Can any owners or the manufacturer weigh in on this?
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Thanks for the reply!

I joined the drop because I need a new computer chair, but these design issues seem to be pretty disappointing for their "top-of-the-line" model.
That is a defect. You should contact our customer service at
Question here. Would you be able to ship with metal fram if requested before shipping? Or is that why the deal is so good? I will gladly delete this comment after the answer :)
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The frame is metal. If you are talking about the base, it is composite, which is not plastic but some people mistake for such. It is much stronger than the metal bases typically offered at this price point and will last longer and is scratch resistant. We had a production issue where some bases were shipped that were not at spec. It caused a few people to have issues. We advised people to contact our customer service and those that did got new bases that did not have the problem. We apologize that there was an issue, but that's what warranties are for.
Thats great news. And i know alot about i know that its not plastic. Im sold thanks to both of your replies. I will be joining this drop. Thanks for clearing this up.
Is there a way this can shipped to Canada?
Sorry, no. We are working on that for the future but at this time the shipping costs, import fees and local taxes would more than double the price, so it's not practical.
Thanks for the reply! I'll keep an eye out in the future! :)