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I kept postponing puttin in my credit car and i missed it by 1 hour :(
Is there a way to lock the wheels and the "rotating" of the seat? So it doesn't swivel or move? If not is there an easy way to add this?
No, you can lock it so it won't rock back but not to swivel.
look up "office chair casters with brakes", whether it fits this specific model or mess with the chair base would be my concerns
I've read a few reviews that state the gas cylinder protrudes too low and has scratched users' floors. From the pictures on this drop, this does seem like a possibility. Can any owners or the manufacturer weigh in on this?
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Thanks for the reply!

I joined the drop because I need a new computer chair, but these design issues seem to be pretty disappointing for their "top-of-the-line" model.
That is a defect. You should contact our customer service at
Question here. Would you be able to ship with metal fram if requested before shipping? Or is that why the deal is so good? I will gladly delete this comment after the answer :)
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The frame is metal. If you are talking about the base, it is composite, which is not plastic but some people mistake for such. It is much stronger than the metal bases typically offered at this price point and will last longer and is scratch resistant. We had a production issue where some bases were shipped that were not at spec. It caused a few people to have issues. We advised people to contact our customer service and those that did got new bases that did not have the problem. We apologize that there was an issue, but that's what warranties are for.
Thats great news. And i know alot about i know that its not plastic. Im sold thanks to both of your replies. I will be joining this drop. Thanks for clearing this up.
Is there a way this can shipped to Canada?
Sorry, no. We are working on that for the future but at this time the shipping costs, import fees and local taxes would more than double the price, so it's not practical.
Thanks for the reply! I'll keep an eye out in the future! :)
Couple of quick questions:

1. I'm seeing a lot of reviews from people saying it's comfortable for a larger set person. Would this be too big for a slimmer guy? (6'2 180lbs)

2. My back normally sweats a lot in leather seats. Is this one pretty breathable?

3. Can you adjust the angle of the actual seat portion to be higher/lower? I know the back can go up and down and the height can be higher/lower, but I am curious if the actual seat can be adjusted to be angled higher/lower.

Very tempted to buy this as I have some back issues. Right now using a $200 regular office chair from Office Max that isn't really cutting it.
Yes, this seat as tilt angle lock, or rock and lock as it's called. And it absolutely will be good for your size. The reason it's popular with larger people is that it has and angled foam cushion rather then the hard side bolsters that most gaming chairs have. So, that makes it more comfortable for them but it certainly doesn't make it less comfortable for slimmer person. It is a good quality PU leather so it is fairly breathable but I wouldn't want to over promise in that regard. It is an incredible deal at this price. We have some extra stock and it is the slow season for our goods, so we cut this deal with Massdrop.
ArozziScott I got this in the last drop and am really enjoying it. The only concern that I have is about the warranty. The Vernazza comes with only a two year warranty, same as Arozzi's other chairs. Is there some reason that can't be extended? It is the most premium chair that Arozzi sells and a longer warranty should be part of that extra price. I've seen similarly priced chairs from competitors like AKRacing with warranties of 5+ years. Thanks!
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Just went through a painless warranty service with Arozzi. I somehow managed to damage my gas cylinder while moving, and instead of selling the cylinder like I asked, Arozzi went ahead and sent me the WHOLE base parts of the chair to ease the replacement process. Free of charges.

Tbh I didnt expect that and it was a nice surprise . Looking forward to the updated version of Arozzi chairs. My Verona Pro V2 is great, just hope that it can have a 3-4D armrest in the future.
Thanks for responding ArozziScott , just to be clear I wouldn't buy a chair from the big D and A companies, I was really just curious about that choice. I think i'll trust the chair expert on this one :), really enjoying the chair so far (even though I wish the lumbar pillow wouldn't slide so much).
Received my Vernazza last week. No problem whatsoever with assembly. I'm 6'4" and 220 lbs. I've found the chair extremely comfortable for extended sessions. I did buy some memory foam arm rest covers because I like more cushion on the elbows but they weren't hard by any means. Can't say I use the lumbar support pillow, I've never liked those things. If I had one issue it is that I wish the arm rests would be able to move closer to my body. They adjust every other direction but not tucked closer to my body. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the quality and price. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
Received my chair yesterday. Very well packed product, easy to unpack, instructions were very clear. During assembly, a few things jumped out:
- The flat washer on the backrest easily falls into the chair innards and is unretrievable. Maybe redesign this to have bolts with fixed washers? To anyone assembling this chair: BEWARE THE FLAT WASHERS ON THE BACKREST.
- The plastic covers on the backrest sides are super flimsy and feel incredibly cheap. The cover for the spring mechanism feels like it's never in its proper place. For a $400 chair I'd expect this stuff to be more sturdy/polished.
- The armrests don't need to be tightened to a billion ft.lbs of torque. I like my chair without armrests and removing this was a chore. One of the bolts had the locking washer stretched out due to too much torque during assembly, completely unnecessary.

After assembly, I'm pretty happy with how comfortable this chair is. The pleather cover feels pretty nice and the cushioning is on point. I'm 6'1", 225lbs and this fits like a glove, super comfortable. The lumbar support cushion is also a really nice size. We'll see how it endures the test of time, but so far I'm really happy with the purchase.