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Arozzi Verona/Verona Pro V2 Gaming Chairs

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Says it's available to Canada, but no shipping options at checkout?
Must be a typo. We cannot ship to Canada at this time. Sorry
I’m 5’8” and 245lb, would the v2Pro be a good fit?
Hi, it's very subjective but I would guess it might be a little snug. I would suggest waiting for our Vernazza model to come back around.
Mine came in as promised June 1st. Aside from very minor bumps chair was in a great condition, super easy to assemble. My son actually did it on his own which says a lot about how easy it was.. very comfortable.
Probably will get one more for myself now.
Hey all,

I got my chair in the mail yesterday. It is nice, but it seems wobbly to me. Anyone else having this issue?
Contact customer service to help you with that issue.

Just received my chair and put it together. Was easy enough to put together besides a few issues where a washer slipped and fell beneath the seat padding. I'm curious if anyone else received theirs and had damage, though. My seat has a small cut in it, one of the plastic elbow pieces underneath the arm rest was damaged, and one of the covers where the seat mounts to the back.
Contact Arozzi service at to get your chair fixed.
Does anyone know how much this drop was for the v2? I would rather get this the version one that is available right now
The Pro V2 was $184.99
So for anyone who has used this site before, do the Product usually come on the estimated date?
Mine shipped last Friday, should be here on the 1st of June.
I am 6'1 185-190. I ordered the Verona V2 but am having second thoughts and might edit my order for the Pro V2. Would the Verona V2 fit me comfortably or should i edit my order to the Pro V2?
I would recommend the Pro V2
I already ordered the Verona- anyway to change that order to a black prov2?
Which one for me? 6'3" 230lbs
arozziserviceteam ArozziScott I’m 5’2”. I’ve had a rough time finding chairs that fit my size. Some of the issues I run into are: my feet end up dangling, the seat is too big, and the arm rest are too wide. How would this chair fit someone small like me?
It’s always a bit difficult to say because people of the same height have different ratio of leg and torso. The chair is not super deep. I would look at the lowest height setting and then see how long your legs are from the knee and try to estimate
What is the difference between the normal version and the pro?
weight support?
weight support for Verona is 230lbs and weight support for V2 is 290 lbs.