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Artisan Cutlery Archaeo M390 Folding Knife

Artisan Cutlery Archaeo M390 Folding Knife

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If this is a gentleman's knife, gentlemen must have tiny hands. Ever since I have gotten the Falcon and the Dao (I really love this knife, despite a number of things that I don't like about it including the skinny handle), I have become very sensitive to scrawny handles. This looks like it qualifies. With a fatter handle, I just might bite.
funny enough i do have small hands lol! its about .75" inside height, and width of the handle is a little over .50' and contoured
I'm sorry, I'm in on the grey. I don't see any downsides, incredible piece for the price. It's sleek, it's clean (no pocket clip or carbon fiber screws showing) It's going to take up little to no real estate in my pocket, and there's no abrasive scales to tear up my trousers. I'm all in on this one!!!
You're all crazy. I don't care what it's made out of or who made it--none of these things are worth half what you're all paying for 'em--and that's before you consider the damn QC issues!


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You left out Patsy Cline!
Holy do-do. I must be nuts.
This got buried way down, because I was trying to rely to a previous conversation with @SinisterCain. Just wanted to bring this to the surface before I go through with writing up my review. Can anyone who got one from the last drop comment on whether or not they're seeing the same issue with theirs?

@Erhon maybe? You're the only one I've seen comment so far after the last drop :)
Needs a much shorter version with a plain titanium option without the carbon fiber inlay. Don't get why a knife with such a sleek gent's knife profile is so huge. The carbon fiber and extra machining for the inlay just add unnecessary costs. There's a real winner in here somewhere. This iteration just ain't it for people like me.
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The small version is available now at a couple places including white mountain: But I'm waiting for a G10 version of the big one.
Daaaaammmmn, that price though! Glad to see it made it to production though, hopefully we get a better deal on here at some point
Hey how is the quality control of the knives people have received? I can’t get my blade centered (I think there is something wrong with the area the bearings go in as it is uneven at the pivot as well) and the blade grinds don’t match on mine. Is mine an outlier? I don’t have any experience with other artisan knives.
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I agree with you 100% on the QC and at the price point. im glad you got it centered. I hope you you enjoy using it!
Also thank you for buying!
Your a idiot if you think it looks like a Nazi swastika, and to be honest i wouldn't care if it had a swastika on it that symbol was stolen from my people by the natzis it was a thunderbird symbol and was painted on to the sides of lodges and peace pipes used by our ancestors
You are 100% correct. In fact the US 45th infantry division patch included this symbol, which was changed after the Third Reich coopted it.
still a little time left, but thank you to everyone that purchased one! i hope yall enjoy it! and thank you for the comments and feedback!
Good looking....and it looks like it might be a nice gentleman's blade.....except that it's nearly 9" long? Make a "mini" at around 6.5-7" overall and I'm interested.
Well, i decided to go on for the grey, so I could do my own anodizing, after much deliberation. I really wish they would've designed this with screws through the CF to hold it on. Would take away slightly from the overall esthetics, but would make disassembly for stripping and re-anodizing much easier....and less concern over the inlay randomly popping off if the glue gives out at some point down the line
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Ahhh, i guess I hadn't scrolled back far enough to catch that clip before Nice to see this was updated from s35vn to m390 between prototype and production Man, that action looks smooth and sounds authoritative! 👍 Quick link for others :
Ohhh it is! And it’s all good. Thank you!! And I hope you enjoy it!
If this were a ~3" blade I would pick it up in a heartbeat!!
The designer commented somewhere on this that Artisan said they might consider another model in a smaller size, depending on how well this one sells.....i say buy it now, help us get a smaller option available, and sell this one off in the future to buy that one 😁😁 (i know, not necessarily realistic haha. But you're not alone in wanting that... Hopefully it'll come eventually)
Damn.......this might be the one that makes me find out if their Ti models are that much better than their budget models...... That's pretty damn sexy Do wish it was a lower riding clip though
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I dunno man, there's gotta be something more to it. I just checked 15 other Ti framelocks here. 8 have lockbars cut as long or longer. Of those, only one comes close to moving as much as this one, and that was a cheap ass TwoSun knife that I think i paid around $50 for. And even that one doesn't move enough to expose the tip while the detent is still engaged. I wonder if Artisan uses a lower grade / softer titanium?
I’m not sure exactly. Usually they don’t skimp out. but I will agree that’s quite a distance before the detent breaks. Mine are close to Erhon. They do come out a little if I’m slowly pressing. But if it’s a normal open it’s not an issue. And I’ve been carrying these since November everyday
I guess I would be offended if I thought it look like a Nazi swastika but it does not and I am old enough to know the difference. Google a photo of a swastika an see for yourself.
only a mentally challenged idiot would think that's a swastica tell them to go pound salt.
Enough with the swastika crap! Make America Think Again
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What swastika? Please enlighten us.
Every time there is an Artisan drop, some white knight SJW thinks they have to be offended by it.
For videos of this knife in-hand, check out the designer's IG:
Thank you! I didn’t know we could link stuff here. I have small hands so take that with a grain of salt lol thank you for sharing
Not worried about white guilt with the design but anyone know country of origin
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There are these things called periods…
Really nothing better to do with your pathetic life bet ya keep your fucking mouth shut in person just another tuff guy pussy hiding behind the net what a pussy u feel better know you 🤡
I never would have thought that the high end, titanium, frame-lock, flipper would become a massively over saturated market, but here we are. Good looking knife, but you people have ruined artisan for me by pointing out that the logo looks like a swastika. Thanks for that.
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Who gives a rats ass what other people think then? Free will and free thinking man.
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Lol this is the one that finally broke the proverbial camel's back, after the dozens and dozens of WE, Kizer, BT, other Artisans, etc, etc, etc.... Sorry, dunno why, that just struck me as funny Shake it off man, don't let other people's insecurities determine what you can and can't feel comfortable with. I mean, that's like terrorism, right? We don't stand for that shit 😜 If you love it, buy it. I've yet to hear any single person here tell of a time when an actual person, in their actual life, saw them with this knife and actually questioned the logo. And if someone does, there's your opportunity to make it a teachable moment 😉👍 (also, please share the story for the laughs)