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Artisan Titanium Tomahawk Frame Lock Knife

Artisan Titanium Tomahawk Frame Lock Knife

Where's the price?
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Bought the cheaper D2 steel version of this just last week. In the mail currently. This is pretty damn nice drop, but I really don't need something that expensive at the moment.

Redropped right after I spent all my money.... Damn
Does anyone have any opinions on s35vn vs m390 when they're both 58-60 hrc?
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this knife is much bigger than the FF buc , so more ti is more dollars
Comes down to price - M390 is technically superior, but $40 upcharge is not insignificant, especially considering most users will not be pushing this novelty design that hard. Also, as with all obscure Chinese brands, it's hard to verify what you are actually getting in terms of metal - but your $40 definitely will be gone at the end of the transaction. Artisan is new, and my $50 flipper from them is poor enough quality to dissuade me from giving them $190, or even $150. Of course, maybe they really ramp their game up for a three digit price point. Or maybe they don't... So all in all, S35 for this knife from this brand would be my recommendation. Or maybe another knife from another brand altogether!
Would you make the patterned handle available in m390?
The logo on the pivot reminds me of something...
Made in China? or could it be.....Germany!?!?!? ūü§Ē
Tough decision I'm so strapped for cash but that m390 is calling my name
Jeeezus I'm gonna go broke, really been wanting this knife
Tomahawk Folder 3.94 IN S35vn Blade - Patterned TI Handle - 4017717 (+$14)
This is not a tomahawk knife your picture shows the Osprey.
your right vasgo its not a tomahawk but i realy like that handel

i think these are the pictures that are correct