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Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface

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Buyer beware on these. Really do your research. I think the design and feature set is excellent. The sound is probably all you need. But reading comments on Gearslutz and The GearPage, several people complain about how hot these things get. All audio gear gets hot when you are slamming computer chips in a small enclosure. The concern is if this one is getting hotter than similar size boxes from UA or Antelope or Presonus. And if you just choose to ignore said heat, how long does your investment last before it wears out?
I purchased this unit several months ago from Sweetwater. Very happy with it.

I am particularly happy with the dual headphone setup and being able to mix between inputs. I use it for recording interviews and it sure beats sharing a single headphone out. Now I can mix volume in the interviewed persons headset, and cause them to speak up, or lower their voice depending on how they hear themselves (as too loud or too quiet). Build quality is excellent. Previously, well, still use a M-Audio M-Track Plus. I feel the Artuia AudioFuse has better pre-amps, and therefor, better sound going into my mix.

Also, the comment about requiring a power adapter, not entirely true. That is only for the highest bit recording levels. I believe 92kb is the USB only recording level.
From the manual:
DC Powered vs Bus Powered
Max Input Level +24dBu vs +18dBu
Max Output Level +24dBu vs +18dB
Phantom Power Voltage +48V vs +48V
Page 17
Do yourself a favor and pass. Antelope Audio has a new interface (the discreet 4) with mic modeling and the best onboard dsp effects, including guitar amps and cabs, for $899 with the same # of inputs and far better other features. While this Arturia interface is quality, it is not worth $500. I wouldnt pay more than $350 for it, where as the Antelope Audio discreet 4 is worth twice the $899 asking price all day in my opinion.
I investigated the Antelope discreet 4 and I am not impressed:
- very expensive
- outdated (Thunderbolt generation 1: they are joking!)
- difficult to use on the road as it requires an external power supply
- questionable feature set (4 headphones output: am I really paying for that?)
- questionnable feature set #2: emulation of vintage microphones

I can't comment on audio quality of course, but everything suggests that the Arturia AudioFuse is a better product for the large majority of users. It certainly is for my needs.
Ugh. Where was this a few months ago? This thing is really well thought out. It would completely replace the Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 interface and Mackie Big Knob Passive monitor controller I had to buy for a similar set of features...granted my rig is $230 cheaper and still rocks pretty hard. That said, I'm not sure there's much on the market as compact with all these practical bedroom studio features. Arturia products are pretty great too, love my Minilab MKII.

It might be a little bit pricey, but if you need more than this (other than, maybe, your inputs or outputs) for your AI and monitors, you're probably pro.

[Edit: Apparently this thing has been around for some time and I just wasn't aware of it...probably due to the price.]
Would really like to see USB B connector. The micro-USB are just so prone to failure, for a $500 interface I just can't do it. I have a Scarlett 2i2 that I've had for 6 years, can anyone recommend a modern upgrade?
USB B can fail just as easily if it is some very low quality part. Low-quality B sockets are not that uncommon.
Hmmm I want it but I just got the k3+ sound blaster ... what to do... love to hear some opinions from the community
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