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Ascension Expansions Bundle

Ascension Expansions Bundle

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This game isn't gonna be able to compete at all with all the other games already out. Notice most of the Mass Drops aren't selling at all or very very little. MTG is King lol
Ascension is not a new game and has been out for some time (2010 with ongoing expansions). As a deckbuilder, it does not really compete with MTG, as it is a different product-type. The primary reason a drop like this won't sell a large quantity is because many people (myself included) already have the base game and some expansions, but not all, so I would wind up with multiple copies of a few boxes by purchasing this.
Its strange, you are only getting 1/2 of each set.

The way Ascension works, they release one expansion and then a 2nd one, and you can play with both of these as they work together. In this drop, you are only getting the first expansion for each cycle, so combinations will be weird.
Just bought gift of the elements! This should have came out a week sooner
only thing i have for this is the apprentice it would be a great deal for me...
Not bad for this Ascension bundle. I have one of the expansions which makes it less appealing to me, but I love this game. I also HIGHLY recommend the app version.
I fully agree. The app version is amazing and better IMHO because you don't have to shuffle 600 cards manually. Can also get the app and all of the expansions for less than half of this price. I pass and play the app with my family at least once a week.

Another app benefit, is you don't 'forget' to do things or certain rules, because the app automatically applies them. Forget to do something on your turn, the app says 'are you sure you want to end your turn', indicating there is more left for you to do.
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