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Astro A40 Audio System

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Does anyone know where I can trade this in for money? I tried Best Buy and GameStop... No luck... I want to get the beyerdynamic headphones...
if all 200 people order this how much do you think it will be ?
Lol at this. 12% . Thanks for trying massdrop!
I bought the wired version of these, tried them for two days and returned them to Gamestop. Bought Sennheiser HD558's(HD598's but black basically) way better audio. Mixamp is nice but requires specific sound card chipsets that supports dolby digital live.

they were comfortable though, but not as comfy as hd558's. They are aesthetically pleasing and the mic is a big plus.

mixamp + some ATH M50's/or sennheisers would be greaattt.
This is quite expensive. Also, $40 shipping to Canada, what's up with that?
Buy the Schitt Optical Out MODI DAC + MAGNI AMP + AKG Q701 = Spectacular Sound for Gaming + Music.
10$ Drop. Really?? Wait for black friday. Hopefully Astro still believes in the holiday spirit.
I consider myself a very knowledgeable audiophile. Do not buy the A40, it is a waste of money. Find alternatives here:

If you game on PC, you actually have a far superior alternative to the MixAmp - the Xonar U3:

- FAR more customizable head-related transfer function alteration (read: Dolby Headphone + many benefits)

- System-wide multi-band equalization

- Smaller, generates much less wire clutter

- You can use your own amp and DAC with it, if you have an optical DAC

- Less and a third of the price (~$40)

- Good amp/DAC for the price, even without the extensive Dolby features

My current audio chain is: Xonar U3 -> Fiio D07 -> STAX SRM-T1 -> STAX Lambda (Normal Bias). It's god-tier. Here's what I can do with this setup:

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I have an Audioengine D1 and I can attest there's very little difference with or without a DAC. If only I knew...
I use a SB Omni for PC gaming and a Mixamp 2013 for console. I definitely agree with you in the fact that sound cards are ESSENTIAL for gaming. Without them, you wouldn't have the DSP function and the virtual surround. Haypil has no clue what he's talking about... That TekSyndicate video that he linked is quite commonly hated throughout the Head-Fi gaming community. I can see why a DAC would be a better alternative for music only, but sound cards are still king for gaming. CoD is also a prime example of sound whoring because it's a game in which a good audio setup can help you dominate.

For anyone thinking of buying the A40 system, DON'T. Just get the Mixamp if you're gaming on console and get a nice pair of headphones from Mad Lust Envy's gaming thread (maybe an amp if needed) and you'll be set.

My gaming setup is: SB Omni (PC) or Mixamp 2013 (console) -> Schiit Vali -> AKG K712 PRO

Not a top of the line audiophile setup but a pretty great start for me. I have the option to get an optical DAC in the future and upgrade the amp but I'm currently quite pleased with it already. A $100 DAC wouldn't do much at all to improve upon the Omni's sound quality anyways.
I had a friend who went against my word and bought these because of the mlg branding and gimmicks a couple of years ago, he spent $500NZD on them and a couple of months after the warranty expired one of the drivers stopped working.
Lol, Astro. The discount is just as poor as their products. Surprised they even agreed to this.
Whats so great about the MixAmp?
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In the case of the Sennheiser 360 you're just paying for the mic attached to it. Overpriced sucks too. :P
If that's what you were arguing, you should have said something to begin with.

PC360 was a better deal when it was ~$200 because it was basically the price of HD 598s plus a microphone. Because the price of a ModMic and HD 598 is /such/ a bargain by comparison.

There is nothing inherently wrong with headsets, even expensive ones. Are a lot of them a poor value? Yes. Are /all/ of them a poor value? That depends on the person. Which is why to say they all suck is, ironically, wrong.

Astro A40 is overpriced ****, though.
I doubt Astro wants to sell the only thing that makes this bundle worthwhile by itself.
They do:
Console Compatibility?
absolutely. Works with xbox 360, one, ps3, and ps4.
For xbox one you will need to buy one of these: