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AstroReality Solar System Mini Set

AstroReality Solar System Mini Set

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Experience the Wonders of the Solar System Up Close

The scale of the solar system is hard to fathom. It’s easier and a lot more fun with the AstroReality Solar System Mini Set. The set comes with a scale miniature of every planet in the solar system (yes, even Pluto!), each of which is 3D printed from VisiJet PXL for a highly detailed look. Hook your smartphone up to the AstroReality App and you can take an in-depth look at each planet, and interact with each one. The app gives you an augmented reality experience as you press, pull, swipe, and pinch—ultimately getting you closer to each planet and the amazing features each one has to explore. While understanding the technology behind the set and the planets can be daunting, there’s an instruction manual and walk-throughs to help you get started.

How to Use the Mini Set


  • Planet material: VisiJet PXL
  • Grain: High resolution
  • Technology: Color printing
  • Printing resolution: 0.1 mm per pixel
  • AR experience: Marker recognition 
  • Painting: Distressed textural painting 
  • Scan icon 
  • Protection
  • Scale, Mercury: 1:162,600,000
  • Scale, Venus: 1:403,450,000
  • Scale, Earth: 1:425,200,000
  • Scale, Mars: 1:226,466,667
  • Scale, Saturn: 1:4,018,000,000
  • Scale, Jupiter: 1:4,766,200,000
  • Scale, Uranus: 1:1,703,900,000
  • Scale, Neptune: 1:1,651,100,000
  • Scale, Pluto: 1:77,400,000
  • Diameter: 1.2 in (3 cm)
  • Weight: 0.6 oz (16 g)


  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto
  • AstroReality app
  • Instruction manual


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