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VGA but no HDMI :(
This monitor has the following inputs. It is listed in the specs section.
  • Signal input: HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort
ah sorry, I meant it didnt include HDMI cable but only VGA
I’m going off what the page says; estimated shipping date is January 8.
Good call. It has been updated.
Before buying this, do a little research about VA panels.
Especially vs IPS.
What about it?
The consensus is:
IPS = Best color range and viewing angles, but the worst response time and often the worst standard side bleed.
TN = Is usually the better gaming specs with the best response time (drop to 1ms), and quality refresh rates. But they have terrible viewing angles and by far the worst color.
VA = On average, is the perfect balance. Depends on the panel, but usually they have good angles, color and response /refresh rates.
Why does Asus hate VESA mounts so much... If Asus is reading this forum, please give us more monitors with VESA mount points and the ability to remove the base.
Agreed. I'd buy (2) of these if they had VESA mounts. Rip.
You are saving about $30 if you buy this through MassDrop. Can be found on Amazon for $249 w/ Prime Shipping:

and you're saving about a month's time on waiting.
Actually, these monitors will ship within a few days after the drop ends.
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