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Audio Solutions 3.1 TV Audio Mount Speaker System

Audio Solutions 3.1 TV Audio Mount Speaker System

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Hello Everyone! We went back to the vendor on this drop and we were able to get a better cost. Pricing has been adjusted in the drop points.

We apologize to our Canadian and International customers that we are not able to offer this drop abroad. However, like similar drops like the DXRacer Chairs and other really heavy products the shipping cost internationally is just to high. Depending on where you are located outside of the United States this product would cost $150.00 to $300.00 just to ship it due to its weight and box size.
Says free to UK, probably not though. Pay when it shows at your door
it's slightly cheaper on amazon and would arrive sooner. maybe a renegotiation is in order.
hmmm.... this is a cool idea for a basic setup. Would have jumped on this a month ago but I already mounted my TV.
Sigh, no Canadian shipping...
So, first things first, I have the 2.1 version of this mount and love it. Admittedly, I am not an audiophile the way I know some folks on this site are but for a sleek, way to add decent sound to your flatscreen's otherwise paltry 10W speakers, this is a great way to go. That said, I paid $119 for the 2.1 a few years ago via and just recently purchased this 3.1 version off only a couple weeks ago for my parents' anniversary for $99 (+ $5 shipping). Maybe it's still worth it at the lowest MD price, but I can't help but suggest that, if you aren't in immediate need, keep an eye out and snag this off your preferred daily deal site. Then again, this might still be cheaper than you can otherwise find this model via Amazon or eBay. YMMV.

BTW, for what it's worth, the actual mount functionality of this thing is SOLID. One of the key reasons I got "mount envy" from my folks (until I got them their own the next time I saw a deal) was they'd gone through several mounts that were just not sturdy enough to handle a 47-50" TV (I'm using this with a Vizio 47" for reference). One thing that this mount is also nicer than my 2.1 is that the remote IR sensor is located below the TV on the bottom speaker (vs. on the 2.1 where it's on the right). Because the left and right speakers are potentially out of LOS depending on how far out you have them from your TV, when I'm sitting in the nook of my sofa I have to hold my arm out to have the remote be able to "hit" the sensor to adjust the audio (yes, it does have "auto wake up" to turn on when you start watching something but it has a bit of a delay and sometimes if the audio on your TV is too low it won't trigger it, pro tip: put your TV at about 60% of whatever its max volume setting is and just adjust audio up and down via the remote for this system). This having the sensor on the bottom theoretically means you should have an unimpeded line of sight anywhere in your room unless you tend to watch your TV from your second-floor balcony!

Any further questions I'm happy to answer. In case you haven't noticed, I'm 100% satisfied with my version of this mount and couldn't recommend it more to anyone not looking to setup a 7.2 system with tower speakers, giant subwoofer, etc... taking up all of their floor space.
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Judging by the photo which details the speaker info, it appears this speaker system has a line input and optical input.
Do you happen to know if I can put this on my tv then just put my tv on the mount I'm already using? Even if I'd have to screw it on that's preferable over redoing the entire mount
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