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Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle

Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle

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Vary It Up

Founded in 1983, Aurifil began with one simple mission: to provide professional sewists with a wide range of high-quality threads. After filling the market with a range of materials and colors, Aurifil has solidified its place as a reliable supplier of superior quality threads. Arriving in a variety of vibrant shades, the Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle adds a winning splash of color to any home crafting project.

In the Auriful 50wt Bundle, you will receive six spools: 4670 (Silver Fox), 4660 (Bubble Gum), 4655 (Storm at Sea), 4657 (Sunset), 4662 (Spotted Green), and 4658 (Limoni Di Monterosso).

Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color BundleAurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle

A Spoolful of Color

Each spool is made from 100% cotton in Italy, the family business’s home since its inception. Unspooling to 1422 yards, the 50wt thread is the perfect weight for piecing, quilting, and precision work.. No matter what method you use- be it hand piecing or machine applique- the 50wt thread never breaks and always showcases a nice, silky sheen.

Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle
Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle

Thread the Needle

Aurifil runs smoothly through your machine, needle, and fabric, while leaving behind virtually no lint. Should you need to clean a garment made with the thread, fear not, for the color will not fade no matter how often you wash it. Versatile, smooth to the touch, and strong enough to see through any job, Aurifil 50wt Mako Cotton Thread is the right thread no matter what your need.

Aurifil 50wt Variegated Color Bundle


  • Aurifil
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Italy
  • Unspools to 1422 yards (1300 m)

Included Colors

  • 4670- Silver Fox
  • 4660- Bubble Gum
  • 4655- Storm at Sea
  • 4657- Sunset
  • 4662- Spotted Green
  • 4658- Limoni Di Monterosso


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