Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)search

Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)

Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)

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Stay Neutral

Founded in 1983, Aurifil began with one simple mission: to provide a wide range of threads to professional embroiderers. After filling the market with a range of materials and colors, Aurifil has solidified its place as a reliable supplier of superior quality threads. Giving you a massive supply of neutral colors, the Aurifil Neutral Cone 2-Pack sets you up for an assortment of home crafting projects.

Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)
Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)

Note: At check-out, you can select two of the following colors: White (2024), Natural White (2021), Sand (2326), Dove (2600), Mist (2606), Grey Smoke (5004), and Black (2692). 

Top Quality Construction

Made in Italy from 100% cotton, the cones come with 5140 yards of 40wt thread. Considered as the "universal" thread weight, the strong yet light construction makes it perfect for both hand and machine quilting. If you are using the thread with a sewing machine, it runs smoothly and leaves very little lint behind. Should you need to clean a garment made with the thread, the color will not fade no matter how often you wash it.

Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)
Aurifil Neutral Cone (2-Pack)

Cone Details

  • Aurifil
  • 40wt
  • 100% cotton
  • 5140 yards (4700 m)
  • Made in Italy


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