Aurisonics ASG-2.5 14.2mm Dynamic Hybrid IEMsearch

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 14.2mm Dynamic Hybrid IEM

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 14.2mm Dynamic Hybrid IEM

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Is the frosted actually still an option for color? I read it was discontinued in favor of a smoke gray color. Is it possible to change to that?
Looks to be an option, though I'm not sure where the other 8 will come from to hit that lowest price.
Not looking too likely, here... Wish we could kinda publicize this on Head-Fi...
Awesome, thank you for extending the time. We should be able to get enough people, I hope.
Due to confusion surrounding initially incorrect information, we're extending this buy until Sunday.

This expansion will allow prospective buyers the chance to understand the new information and hopefully push the buy through.

If anyone wishes to remove themselves from this buy due to the time extension, please email and they'll be able to cancel your participation.

Best of luck in the days ahead!
I jumped in yesterday. The problem is that the specs weren't accurately updated until yesterday and so most people who would've been interested in this drop, thought it was the old model and didn't join.

Looks like this one won't happen. After all the updates were made, there just wasn't enough time.
You're right on the idea that there wasn't enough time after the spec update. Because of that, we're going to extend this buy. The extension time is equal to the amount of time this buy was live with the wrong specs.

Hopefully we'll be able to gather enough people to carry this through, despite the initially incorrect product information.
welp this has been a bit disappointing... :(
Not looking great at the moment for actually getting this one through in time... Anybody know someone they can reach out to and have 'em jump on board in the last two hours? We need 11 more!!
I would, but not at this time. In a few months I'd have some more discretionary income to play with :)
If we dont get more people to reach the 580 mark, does no one get the ASG-2.5?
They'd have to actually join/buy to even reach that point, even if there are enough commits.
BTW, these new versions have hardware adjustable bass! That is the main reason I want these so bad. That is an amazing feature.
Now that I know these are 2.5, I committed to buying at $499.99. These are an astounding value at that price. Come on people, just need 14 more!! :)
Will they ship as frost or the stealth that is listed on your site? I think the Frost was phased out. Please confirm.
You get the option to choose when you commit.
Hi guys, this is cherns from Aurisonics and I'd like to confirm that these are the ASG-2.5's that we've listed on Massdrop. You know that we hardly discount our products, so now's your chance to get them at a great price!
I feel like returning my Roxannes and getting these >,>
Do you have the custom Roxannes? Why, do you not like them or do you just not think they are worth $1,600?
I remember buying these when they first came out, I think I bought them for 550