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Anyone knows if the nib/feed unscrews on the Aurora Alpha?
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Will an Ipsilon nib fit in the Alpha?
No, as far as i know.
I also feel the need for huge capacity might be a bit hyped. If you are buying this pen, it is about experience. If you need a workhorse, pelikan m205 or lamy 2k is probably a better buy.

And I also find that high capacity makes me wait longer in between inks. Last thing, piston fillers do degrade and fail. So a converter is actually my favorite filling mechanism now.
I want this so badly, but I need to stop buying so much stuff. I always wanted an Aurora (the Nembulosa has been on my mind for months), I simply need to re-group after moving, not to mention having bought a couple grand worth of pens in the last four months (not to mention watches and leather goods, and Christmas presents). That said, Mass Drop has had some good ones lately. I wish I could grab this one, but discipline must win out.
For those not familiar with the brand, Aurora is, quite simply stated, one of the best pens you are likely to buy. Their quality is unsurpassed, and if you find one that you like, at a price that you can afford, by all means snap it up. It will never disappoint. And to go along with your Aurora pen, there is no ink that will match Aurora inks. Until two years ago they made only two colors: blue and black. They’ve expanded their offerings by 50%, and have now added blue-black. The blue has a slight purplish shade to it, but all the inks write a beautiful, wet line, with excellent lubricating qualities. I reserve my Aurora inks for my best pens (such as Aurora.). So, if you like these pens, and you can shell out the bucks, grab one.
Hopefully there will be more Aurora fountain pens, my only comment was the company was founded in Turin not Florence.
Decent deal on an Aurora.
Lots of nib options too.
Would love to see one with a flex nib, though.
Great to see an Aurora here. Hope more come along. BTW I would take "generous ink capacity rivals that of many piston fillers" with a grain of salt.
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Oh. Thanks. I though the Pilot Custom 92 was a regular converter.
I think the 91 is a c/c but looks more or less the same (from what I understand the Pilot numbers are based on the pen's original price in Yen, so they are basically impossible to figure out based on numbers).
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