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Ausdom M08 Bluetooth Headphones

Ausdom M08 Bluetooth Headphones

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Does the sound leak?
I have the newer red version of these for a few months now, very light and comfortable. They ended up replacing my Bluedio T3. They have a larger ear pad compare to the black ones, which were mostly on-ear.

Audio quality is on-par with any of the consumer oriented headphones, not sure if they are audiophile graded. Maximum volume is not the loudest but enough for day-to-day commute, there is also a slight sound leak.
Do these work with iphones?
Yes 100% works on iphone, but SBC not AAC.
Are these around ear or on ear cups?
unfortunately, no acc/aptx
Odd to see Bluetooth cans under audiophile. How are these?
These sound great, I got them on an amazon lightning deal for $22 about a year ago. These have extra emphasis on bass, but not like beats or anything, much more relaxed. The pads are not very large, my ears fit inside most cans where people have pad fit issues, and I have pad fit issues with these myself. Although its the depth, my ear hits the driver (and mine dont stick out) before the pads are firmly on my head (so they never do get there).

These do not clamp hard though, so the pad issue is negligable, if you dont mind losing the isolation due to the fit. I tried to wear them on my public transportation ride to work (bus).. lets just say that was a 1 time attempt. I still use them when doing things around the house, but I would say NOT A GYM HEADPHONE, as the clamp will not hold them in place with a lot of movement.

They dont get very loud, I would suggest if you have a kid (7/8years and up, would probably be where these would be able to fit a child) that will settle for something other than beats (kids these days ;) ).. these would be a nice cheaper set.
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I do not wear glasses but do use gunnar's at work. I will take them home this weekend and see. Ill reply no later than Monday.'
Glasses.. the clamp isnt strong so its not bad.. I would say there are def more that I feel would be comfortable with glasses, but also, I wasnt like GET THESE OFF MY HEAD!! Although different heads could make the pads sit different, and make it a potential problem.. I didnt experience issues though.
Are these On or Over Ear?
depedning on your ear size (I do have these) probably on ear... They sell red model with slightly bigger ear pads for $35 on amazon, prime eligible.
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