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AUTOLift3000 Portable Tilting Car Lift

AUTOLift3000 Portable Tilting Car Lift

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Won't be surprised if not one of these sells...odd product to put up here.
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What limitations?
It’s unpowered so you have to bring your drill. And it doesn’t actually keep the car level.

The the video he happens to get it located right at the CG so he can tip it but that would be super hard to do. A lot of common jobs require the car to be level, oil changes, diff and trans fluid etc.

finally while it’s not a concern for many cars, my s2000 splitter would hit if the lift were tilted forward like that.
Yeah this seems worse than a benpak quick jack in literally every way. And even being $600 off it’s still the same price more or less.
that's what i was thinking as well. you might as well buy a twin post if you have the room. one day my dreams will come true and i too will have a twin post.
i just closed on a house with a 4 car garage so a 2 post is in my future. Saw this and thinking it like a quick jack was interested until I saw how stupid it was.
This looks frightening. And a quickjack doesn't cost much more.
Depending on what capacity you need, the 3500lb model is only $25 more. actually Holds the car up properly and doesnt Need a drill to work.
This is a flawed design on so many levels. Not being able to use factory lift points. You'll probably crush punch welds on unibody cars. If the vehicle isn't perfectly centered you'll never get the car level. You have to lift the heavier end of the vehicle, then while holding it up, slide a jack stand in place? While working on the raised end where you are probably removing parts, it gets lighter and the vehicle tips forward unless you put the second jack stand not shown in the video under the other end.
A fixed platform width that doesn't lock into the level position? Yeah.... No.
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It scares me a little.
It probably isn't too dangerous if you use it as shown with two tires on the ground but you might as well save yourself $900 and get a jack and stands.
for my money a benpak md-6xp would be a lot more useful.
I'd prefer anything out of Benbak's BL-series, but yeah. This is a weird product.
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