AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4003 Quartz Watchsearch

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4003 Quartz Watch

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4003 Quartz Watch

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And 24 hours after contacting the helpdesk, I've received nothing but an email informing me that the "specialized team" that will help me, is only open Monday through Friday. Not what I would consider a great first experience.
I have to admit, as my first ever Massdrop purchase, I'm a little disappointed. The watch won't stay running. If I move the hands manually, it will run for a few minutes, but soon thereafter stops. I need to research the return policy.
$59 at Jomashop ...

Do these watches have lume on them?
Received mine this morning, I really like the look of it.
Hey all, we mistakenly listed this as sapphire crystal. It actually has a mineral crystal.

Apologies for the mixup, the details have been corrected.
If only it wasn't quartz
I know right? It's probably one of the best looking watches on the market IMO.
Another watch I'd buy if there was a non-leather strap option.
Specs here say Sapphire Crystal, however everywhere else I check says Mineral Crystal. Which is it?
Another incorrect MD description (happens frequently around here and is kind of what they are becoming known for, unfortunately). There is no way it actually has a sapphire crystal for a $79 watch. Most watches that have a sapphire crystal are about $100 higher than one that doesn't. Oh, and good luck getting them to respond or correct the description since they don't 95% of the time.
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