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Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle

Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle

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New Rules for Familiar Wargame

The classic wargame Axis & Allies 1940 has been revamped. Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940 remain conflict-oriented and strategic WW II games that put players in charge of major powers with infantries, artillery, and tanks. However, the second-edition games bring significantly new rules based heavily on the Axis & Allies 1940 Alpha +3 ruleset of Harris Game Design. Existing game owners can use the current map, but will need the new rule book. Plus, these second-edition games each come with about 50 more pieces, and the new antiaircraft artillery unit for each country. There are also new sculpts for the units, including unique pieces for ANZAC and Italy.

Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle
Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle
Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle
Axis & Allies 1940 Bundle


  • Designed by Larry Harris, Jr.
  • Players: 2–6
  • Playing time: 8 hrs
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up


  • Rule book
  • 50 pieces
  • Antiaircraft artillery unit per country
  • Sculpts for units


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