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B Swiss by Bucherer Prestige Chrono Automatic Watch

B Swiss by Bucherer Prestige Chrono Automatic Watch

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Ladies watch at best at that size.
The more I look at it the more I like it. Then I notice that it is 37.5mm... :( 37.5mm just looks like a childs watch on my wrist.
If I had to choose one watch to wear, I would stick to my Rolex perpetual oyster.

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You're right about that. Thanks for letting me know.
Looks like a fake Yacht Master actually.
Classic size, cool and interesting movement. That’s about all.
I hate these “retail prices” being enormously “discounted”. It’s like I’m being scammed. Yes I know it’s a decent watch for the “sale” price. But I can’t go along with crap like this.
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The sw200 itself is about $200 or so, and the chronograph module on top is another couple hundred I’d imagine. I’m not sure I can think of any other industry where the MSRP is always inflated by at least double the actual purchase price.
Then stop looking at ANY modern mass-market new watch. Almost EVERY manufacturer's watches are sold on the grey market and thus discounted.
I have owned several beautiful "open heart" timepieces and have affection for them. While not wanting to offend anyone who already owns this B Swiss Bucherer Prestige Chrono Automatic, I must say that gouging the right side of the dial does not make for an attractive look. Nor does it open up for viewing the most important feature of any open heart, the "heartbeat". In my opinion, there is nothing drawing me in to purchasing this piece. I truly wish I had something more positive to say. Here is an example, in my opinion, of my open heart Zenith done right...

Now that's a beautiful watch.
Thank you, DCE2245...I have had the pleasure of owning 3 different Zenith timepieces, all of wich brought me a great deal of pleasure. The El Primero automatic movement is a beautiful piece of horological history.
Will the manufacturer warranty card be filled out with the actual vendor who sells the watch, the purchase date, and the individual watch serial number all filled out?
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Totally agree, it knew I was talking smack about it yesterday.
2 year MANUFACTURER'S warranty! Thank you Massdrop!
Really good price. Interesting movement arrangement, will have to research...
A company with a good reputation for quality but I don't get a chronograph with a cut out dial. If you like that it's a good deal.
Although a B Swiss by Bucherer this watch reminds me of a scene in the movie Atomic Blonde where the Russian agent walks into the watch shop and the sign over the door reads in gold letters "Carl F. Bucherer Lucerne 1888". The Russian walks in and says to the horologist "I am interested in selling a watch. It is extremely valuable, finest quality, and deals with secrets"
Is the gold tone an actual gold or just some pvd?
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Maybe.. but a Solid gold endlink Rolex bracelet is selling for $12k (bracelet alone), so I would say it's plated like most sub $10k watch : )
I don't remember exactly, it seems the price was 599 or 649$
Fairly sure it was $699 actually.
At this price, it's basically buy the movement, we give you the watch!
you forgot the part about Dubois Depraz module which make it chronograph. These doesn't come cheap. Closest comparaison would be eta 2894, but even there it's not the same and this one is more complicated.
anyone remember what the price was the last time they offered this? If they keep going lower i may have to jump on it. thanks
$699. $30 more for the bracelet (versus the band). I bought one at that price and am happy with it.
37 mm?
For those worried about the size: I find that, especially on the steel band, it does not wear small or look delicate at all, in part because of the relatively thick case and lugs. It compares favorably in terms of wrist presence to other classically-proportioned watches around 40mm, like my Seiko Alpinist. It's actually a little surprising when I put it next to a larger watch (such as a diver) and realize that it is actually smaller--it really doesn't look that way on the wrist, and kind of makes my larger watches look cumbersome by comparison. For reference, my wrist is 8 1/4 inch.
I find the crown to be really stiff when winding the watch, though it turns freely in other directions/positions. Anyone else have the same experience?
Other than that it seems really nice, especially the steel bracelet.
Mine showed up with a busted second hand and the chrono was nonfunctional. First DOA from a Massdrip. Waiting on Massdrop support for a hopeful refund. Only hour and minute complications were working.
I wear a 40 now , will these be small to wear? They don't sell in US and can't try em.
"B Swiss" name sounds like B-List Movies... Awful name for a watch!
This watch looks like it's been shot in the face.
You're saying it should be named the B Cheney?
Whether you like the style or not you would be hard pressed to find a better made mechanical chronograph for this kind of money. Most 38 mm dress watches of this quality would cost over what you are getting on this massdrop, and you would not get a chronograph movement inside! Think about that. As far as the module added to the Sellita movement I think this is a non-issue. Why? Because so many great names in watch-making have been using this combination almost forever (Omega, Tudor, etc.) . In fact you almost have to ask yourself who has not used this combination of ETA/Dubois Depraz before.
Yes, it's not unusual to do this. It fits the target level.
I suspect that the price just reflects no demand; no demand because few find it attractive.
And one thing to consider: when service becomes necessary, a chronograph is gonna set you back *quite* a bit more than a 3 hander.
I would jump on this if it wasn't so small, too dainty for me. Nice looking watch though
A few things to clarify: Bucherer is a high end jeweler, who’s been around for a LONG time and is very well known in Europe. You’ll probably start hearing more about them since they’ve recently purchased Tourneau. Bucherer makes Carl F. Bucherer watches, which as it’s already pointed out, is a pretty high end and respected watch company. BSwiss is their “lower tier“ watch company.
I myself have two cheaper Carl F. Bucherers and they’re lovely. BSwiss is difficult to find in the US so this certainly caught my attention (although I hate the name “B Swiss”). Here’s one of my CFB:
Bucherer! Likely decent quality for the price.
It's a shame the name "B SWISS" makes it sound Chinese.
B Swiss is the non-luxury (very high end) sub-brand of the well established respected Bucherer company.
Question: from their website, “B SWISS offers a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase” yet MD says just a one year guarantee. Huh? Why one year less???
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As MD wrote, they fixed the descr and ADDED the warranty info that you said “read”. It wasn’t there to read when I initially wrote that. Perhaps you should read the thread before responding.
I've never heard of this brand, but it's a great movement for the price. Dubois Depraz makes chronograph modules for lots of well known brands (such as Breitling) and they are regarded as being very high quality. The base SW200 movement should be reliable also. One big problem is the size. 37.5 mm is almost a woman's size. Men's watches are rarely under 39mm these days. 43mm is probably the average.
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38mm is perfect for me! I rarely wear anything larger than 42mm and most of my vintage collection men's watches are btw 35 and 40mm. I'm not on this drop since I try to avoid Dubois-Depraz modules on top of ETA movements (Sellita in this case) - these are notoriously hard to service, you will hardly find any independent watch repairman agreeing to service stacked modules.
I have a 7,5 inch wrist and would never imagine wearing anything larger than 40mm. I see those men-boys around NYC wearing Flavar-Flave style, bedside alarm size clocks on their wrist thinking their look dapper and sophisticated while looking like complete dopes from NJ
Only water resistant to 30m, I hope I can trust it in the shower.
Not sure about this one.
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How much pressure does your shower have?
Like to keep it at 1500psi, strong enough that I can feel the sting. But not so strong that it removes the grout from my tiles. A good tip is to not use more pressure than what you'd use on a car.
Well this is different, the watch looks interesting, but I've never heard of this brand before, even the parent company while somewhat famous, I have also never heard before
Carl F. Bucherer has been selling time pieces since 1888, and is considered Haute Horlogerie. Because of the field they play in, it has really been in the last 20 years that Bucherer gained more traction in the mainstream, but people who know watches have always held them in good regard. Still a family owned operation in Lucerne', Switzerland.