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Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

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50 comments and one person that might buy one haha :-p

Just found that humorous!
Listening to the HPA-01 through TH-900 and source A&K 240. Playing DSD albums right now it's JT beautiful vocals, bass and guitars playing against a black background makes me smile and tap my feet. Favorite track is Secret O' Life. On the best of Marvin Gaye What's Going On, the sax intro to Marvin's strong vocals. Brings me back to the good old days when life was simple. On the rock side, the Division Bell, Pink Floyd What Do You Want From Me, David's guitar work and vocals really shine. In my opinion the HPA-01 makes the vocals stand out. Used the TH-900 with the voltage output. Tried the current with my HiFiMan HE-500 it does make a difference in sound. Looks like the best of both worlds. I'm happy with this buy.
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To my ears it just sounded way better with the voltage output vs. the current mode on the Fostex. I haven't tried the beyerdynamics or the Fostex TH-600 yet. Too many headphones so little time.
I see. Since I have TH900/T1 as well. I found this amp is super with current mode for T1. And I am using current mode for all phones... Your comments drive me to have a try with my TH900 on voltage output as well.
Hey everyone,

We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out! A few orders don't have tracking yet, but it will be uploaded shortly.

Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier on Massdrop.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Hey Guys,

These were shipped by the vendor and are currently undergoing clearance review. Due to this we do not currently have an estimated arrival date. As soon as they arrive at our warehouse and the bulk order is broken down we will let the group know.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 8/18 or sooner if something comes up.
Hey Guys,

The vendor is still preparing the groups order for shipment. We will stay in contact with them and update the group accordingly.

Expect an update from us on 8/13 or sooner if something comes up.
So excited for this :D
Hey everyone,

We’ve submitted our order for Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier shortly after the drop ended.

Now that the order has been placed, Bakoon is preparing it for shipment. In the meantime, we will also be getting our warehouse ready to handle the reshipment of the product to everyone as soon as it arrives.

Expect an update on Thursday or sooner if something comes up.

One question about this that comes to mind is where would Massdrop customers be going for battery replacement if necessary?

Or will we be able to replace them ourselves? I understand the batteries are a common type, but they are glued down, right?
Hey Sanlitun,

Bakoon just told us if the battery ever dies, they don't recommend to attempt to replace it yourself. They say just ship it to them and they'll be happy to replace it for you.
Ryne, you have done great job so far... So actively join in the discussion thread to answer all concerns and questions. That is helpful.
One reviewer that said the HPA-01 was "85% performance for 60% of the price" and another one said it was "90% of the sound of the HPA-21". So somewhere in the 10-15% lower SQ is where consensus appears to land, although this is all highly subjective of course and dependent on what is feeding the amp and what cans you are using, etc. Also the curve starts to really flatten out in this portion of the "cost/performance" curve, where each incremental X% of SQ costs more and more moolah, so a straight comparison is very hard to do. Very tempting though!
Uno mas!
Well I'm in. I don't know how well it will gel with my Editon12s but I need to get off the nasty power-line at my place(that has a habit of frying electronics. :/) If it's not a good match it'll be easy enough to sell it and only be out the cost of shipping.

We only need 3 more people!
Make that 2 more as I'm in for the lowest price. Hopefully this will go as I can't wait to try this with the Fostex TH-900 and 600. This headphone stuff is driving me nuts and Massdrop isn't helping much by posting good deals. Aloha.
Icing on the cake: TH900 sublime pairing with another SATRI Bakoon amp
We need to try harder to make lowest price available... :)
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$2880 for 15%~20% more performance in terms of sound quality? I'd say no... :) No offend...
Is it even that much? I've read accounts on head-fi where those who heard them side by side were hard pressed to even find any differences. It seems the primary difference is more gain on the HPA-21 and the interconnectivity with the future Bakoon SATRI DAC.