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Ball Engineer II GCT Automatic Watch

Ball Engineer II GCT Automatic Watch

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There's something about Ball watches that I really like, and it's not just the gas tubes. This is a nice example, and the price is the lowest I could find. However, for $80 more I'd seriously consider buying it from here

...from a well-known, reputable dealer, with no waiting. Every serious watch aficionado should own at least one Ball watch.
Poor resolution, pixelated picture for a thousand buck watch? I can't understand!

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Easy to do, but truthfully, you shouldn't have to, right?
The St. Pattdy's day Leprechaun must have landed a wee bit early in the MD offices.....
another super cool watch, but the dial isn't terribly busy, i think aesthetics and function could be preserved and have this watch fit into the 40-42mm case size range just fine, it's not a chrono but w/ the big subseconds get why >40 works better for some, the stainless on stainless bracelet looks dressish, me gusta..., why 44 is beyond me, but different folks different strokes, that 44 will appeal to some, and to those it does, it's a good deal and I think they'd be happy with this watch.
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lolz, it's the only one of the variants thst I liked haha
My next watch will have a brown leather strap. Would have liked to see this watch with the same in a clear photo. I can probably look for a better photo online, but Massdrop is certainly not doing their best to make a sale here.
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