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Barn Dance Quilt Kit

Barn Dance Quilt Kit

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Everything You Need for the Barn Dance Pattern

A company made up of artists and designers, Frond Design Studios specializes in bringing an artisan feel to their fabrics, approaching each collection like a work of art. Working alongside Vanessa Christenson of V and Co., Frond introduces the Barn Dance Quilt Kit, a lively pattern inspired by the barns of eastern Iowa.

Barn Dance Quilt Kit

Note: This drop is limited to 5 kits. 

ZuZu’s Petals

The kit comes with a bundle of ZuZu’s Petals fabric, created by Frond Design Studios, for making the quilt top. ZuZu’s Petals is a beautiful statement fabric boasting artful brush strokes to create an intense depth of color. The prints included are Butternut, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Iris, Leaf, Lily, and Red Rose. The white print is a delicate white on white print that adds subtle depth and interest to the background of the quilt pattern.

Barn Dance Quilt Kit
Barn Dance Quilt Kit
Barn Dance Quilt Kit
Barn Dance Quilt Kit

Barn Dance Quilt Pattern by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.

Barn Dance Quilt Kit


Barn Dance Quilt Pattern

  • Designed by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.
  • Finished quilt size: 69 x 75 in (1.8 x 2 meters)

ZuZu’s Petals designed by Stephanie Brandenburg for Frond Design Studios

  • Included:
  • Butternut (Orange): 1/4 yard (0.23 meters)
  • Gardenia (White): 5 1/4 yards (4.8 meters)

  • Hydrangea (Light Blue): 1/2 yard (0.46 meters)
  • Iris (Dark Blue): 1/2 yard (0.46 meters)
  • Leaf (Green): 1/2 yard (0.46 meters)
  • Lily (Red): 1/4 yard (0.23 meters)
  • Red Rose (Dark Red): 1 yard (0.91 meters)


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Estimated ship date is July 6, 2016 PT.

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