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Barnaby Black All-Body Moisturizer Oil

Barnaby Black All-Body Moisturizer Oil

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Wildcrafted Oils: Nature in a Bottle

Barnaby Black’s founder made his first product, the pitch pine salve, when he was a 14-year-old in the Scouts. Today, the company is known for its range of wildcrafted goods, which includes wearable fragrances, candles, and soaps. The ultimate all-body moisturizer, these oils can be applied liberally to your face, body, and hair to fortify and brighten every day. Formulated for all skin and hair types, they use only organic botanical oils and 100-percent wild-foraged aromatics. 

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  • Barnaby Black
  • 1 fl oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Organic apricot kernel, golden jojoba and argan oils, live plant infusions (leaf, needle, bark, root, moss, flower), tree pitch/resin, steam-distilled essential oils
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Scent Notes

  • Chippewa: New England pine grove, dry cinnamon, illicium, dark spice
  • Desert Resin: Utah juniper, dry cedar, greasewood, California sagebrush, ancient creosote, desert tar
  • Pine Barrens: Morning forest air, pine resin, sun-baked pine needle, honeyed wild flower, cinnamon bramble, charred oak
  • Pure Creosote: Single-plant origin
  • Pure Douglas Fir: Single-plant origin
  • Pure Incense Cedar: Single-plant origin
  • Pure Piñon Pine: Single-plant origin
  • Pure Spruce: Single-plant origin
  • The Mystic: Sacred white sage, fresh menthol, coastal salvia


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