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Bear Soles Natural Sheepskin Insoles

Bear Soles Natural Sheepskin Insoles

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I have a size 45 pair of Clarks Chelsea boots which would be perfect coupled with these, what size do you recommend?
Where these designed to be worn with or without socks?
I'm at the edge of a size 13 (some manufacturers I need a 14), I feel like I should get the largest size and cut down right?
That’s right. I’d go a size up because it’s easy to trim it down to size.
What boot or shoe is pictured?
The boot in the image is from Bullboxer and in the video, Oliberte.
Male here, I'm a 9.5-10 in all my shoes, what size would I get?
You'd be a size E -- whether you're a 9.5-10 in UK or US sizing.
There's a sizing chart on the main page, that should help you out.
Thanks for your interest on this drop!
How thick are they? What is the overall thickness and just the foam part?
Thanks for your question, john9317. The overall thickness is approximately 5.5mm, including the sheepskin. The thickness of the foam is 4mm.
Just received mine, a quick trim of the insoles and they're in my Redwings boots.

Much more cushioned and cosy for Winter.

I've requested another drop. 10/10.
Are these meant for winter/cold weather only or do the work well for warmer weather?
These are specifically designed for the “colder” weather. Great for the winter and fall.
Might these fit in Ugg Ascot slippers?
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They are glued in but I can pull them out. They’re just sheepskin attached to rubber. And they’re currently falling apart & coming out all on their own.
It sounds like Bear Soles would be a nice alternative.
I apologize for what might be a dumb question: does sheepskin refer to actual animal hide along with the wool, or just wool? Thanks.
Thanks for the question. It’s similar the leather. The sheepskin includes the wool and the animal hide.
These seem like they would be great if your heal didn't land right on the logo. Anyone care to comment on that oversight?
This is great feedback and an oversight in our initial development. We’ve gotten this feedback from others and are making a change in future production runs. We’ve also gotten feedback that the logo on the heel doesn’t impact the warmth of the insoles. We still stand behind the product. But also realize it could always be better. Thanks again for the feedback.
You cannot feel the label. Really a superb product and my girlfriend now wants a pair.