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Belle Calligraphy Bundle

Belle Calligraphy Bundle

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Learn Calligraphy from a Modern Master

Contemporary and whimsical, the calligraphy work of Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls has been featured in magazines and wedding announcements, on websites, and beyond. Booked months in advance, her workshop—“Calligraphy in the 21st Century”—is offered in five cities around the world. Now, this San Francisco–based artist has assembled a do-it-yourself kit that gives you the tools you need to emulate her distinctive style. Wrapped in a brown paper package tied neatly with string, the kit includes a wooden pen with steel-pointed nib, a bottle of black ink, an instructional booklet, an A-to-Z exemplar, decorative labels, vellum sheets, and a lined guide sheet.

Note: This bundle includes the Belle Calligraphy Kit, the Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set, and the J. Herbin ink set of your choice: the calligraphy set (includes black, blue, red, yellow, and white) or the pigmented set (includes copper, gold, iron, silver, and white). Quantities are limited to 60 bundles.

Belle Calligraphy Bundle
Belle Calligraphy Bundle
Belle Calligraphy Bundle

6 Nibs & 1 Nib Holder

Once you’ve learned some tips and tricks of modern calligraphy, you’ll be ready to develop your own style. With the Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set, you’ll have six nibs and a natural wood nib holder with which to experiment. The nibs range from the highly elastic, super-fine-point Steno nib to the 0.45-millimeter nickel-plated Pfannen nib.

Belle Calligraphy Bundle

Choice of Inks

Of course, calligraphy is nothing without ink. With this bundle, you’ll also get five bottles of ink from one of two J. Herbin collections. Best suited for wide dip nibs and brushes, the pigmented set features a sampling of five 10-milliliter bottles. The iron and white inks are versatile neutrals with an antique feel. The gold, silver, and copper inks look dramatic on dark paper, and add shine to white paper as well. These metallic colors contain actual metallic pigments, so the bottles require vigorous shaking before and during use. Offering rich opacity, the completely fadeproof calligraphy set also comes in a sampling of five 10-milliliter bottles. Colors include black, blue, red, yellow, and white.

Calligraphy Set
Pigmented Set


Belle Calligraphy Kit

  • Wooden pen with steel-pointed nib
  • Bottle of black ink
  • Instructional booklet
  • A-to-Z exemplar
  • 10 decorative labels
  • Five vellum sheets
  • Lined guide sheet

Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set

  • Wooden nib holder
  • Steno nib
  • Pfannen nib
  • Cito Fein nib
  • L’Ecoliere nib
  • Index nib
  • Rose nib

J. Herbin Inks

  • 5 bottles in different colors
  • Bottle size: 10 ml
  • Made in France


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