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I like this. Has a somewhat 20's vibe and, sure, it's pricy, but I'd rather pay this for something made in the States than for some Made-In-China crap off Amazon. Being able to flat pack it is cool too for moving and whatnot.
I love all of the negative comments regarding this product, mostly concerning disbelief of the simplicity of the design and materials (“I could make it myself!”) or the cost (“$90 for plywood?”). It is like looking at a Rothko painting and saying, “Heck – I could do that!” Yes, but did you? Originally, I mean. Now, I am not necessarily defending this product – I have no need for this particular stand and do not, at the moment, have the funds to justify the expense. Even if I did, I do not think I would buy it as it really is not my style. However, I do think it is a clever idea. Here is a thought: Design your own headphone stand (it can’t be this one because, like the Rothko, it has already been done). Purchase the tools to manufacture it in quantity. Purchase the materials to manufacture it in quantity. Patent it. Market it. Add up your time, equipment and materials (i.e., $) to design, manufacture, register and market your product. Are you willing to pay yourself minimum wage? If so, after only 17.5 hours (that is slightly less than two day’s work) you will be at the original asking price of the Bendy Head. How much will your headphone cost and how many do you need to sell to cover the initial costs? This is a very simplistic scenario and does not take into concern factors like overhead (controllable and non-controllable) profit, etc. Also, once the first one is created, the second is easier and so on – assuming you sell any in the first place. I guess this is long winded way of saying that those who cannot, critique…
I'll put it simply:

If you release products in the public sphere, expect criticism whether your product is good or bad.
Your story only goes to show that neither the makers nor the buyers of this thing are thinking people.
$90 for plywood?
bought a dual headphone stand on amazon for 20 € prefectly fine and is hidden away to have a clean desk...even if i had all the money in the world i wouldn`t buy this overpriced piece of wood..i would go to a local shop that works with wood and tell them exactly what i want...still gonna be cheaper and the money stays in my community... it's almost like somebody in the comments keeps defending this there's smthg to gain for them...just lol...too funny - can't really be taken serious!
Quite expensive for what you get, i mean i'm ok with expending 100$ on a stand if i like it and it suits the style of my setup, this looks cool and all, but watching some comments i saw that materials are not anywhere near to the asking price, i mean i got the Silverstone eba01 for 50$ and that's one sturdy, elegant well made stand, this looks like a college project for and industrial designer and certainly not worth 100$
I find it quite entertaining that instead of simply not participating in this drop, everyone has decided to bitch and moan because hey, this is the internet, what else are you supposed to be doing? Clearly no one has anything better to do.
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Okay, could you fail any harder. First you keep arguing that you aren't questioning everyone else's statements that to are calling out mine and just flip-flop between the two which is it? Second, you're an idiot for trying to take that comment literally, it's a figure of speech that guy is saying that he doesn't feel that is worth more than $10 and a few hours of his time. You are also being asinine by outright dismissing like it's something impossible, do you have a crystal that lets you peer into someone's background informing you that they aren't a woodworker by trade and happened to have garage full off tools, the skills to make something similar, and is simply a matter $10s worth of materials. Good riddance.
"Last time I checked this was supposed to be for enthusiasts with a like minded community not someplace we're presented insulting drops" I don't appreciate being called "asinine" sniff sniff. Thanks for proving my point.
If I'm spending $70+ on a headphone stand it's going to be these
I have had one since they first came out in the dual stands. Its amazing and 100% worth it.
Ridiculous price. You guys forget you're selling the STAND for headphones, not headphones. This greedy pricing now has turned me away from your brand forever. I added BendyHead to my blacklist. (Yes I have a text file of every company I will avoid or actively tell people never to use, you're on it now.)
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I know, It's nice to see some companies make a good honest product. I hate it when sellers jack up the price for dollar store crap just because they add some RGB lighting or write gamer on it. I hate those types. You can tell they are motivated by greed.
That pretty hostile for someone literally just trying to sell their product, don't you think? I get it, you don't think its worth the asking price, but this a pretty drastic solution.
Regardless of price, these stands looks really clean! I originally thought it was solid wood until I read the pricing complaints and had a second look. Nothing against these specifically, but it is a very hard sell with what you get.

On the subject of spending money though, whats wrong with spending $100 on a headphone stand? I would gladly spend that if I feel its worth it. I understand you might pass if you all are still rocking ATH-M50s but seriously, there are many nice high end cans that would look awesome on display with a nice stand.
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I can make a better stand than this in my garage for about 5 bucks.

Nevertheless, because of my generosity, I am willing to sell the stand I made (shown below) for only $1264.32.

Note! The Sony headphones, for which I paid $49.99, are NOT included!

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Beautiful! Simple and creative...
Thanks, I made this from scratch, but it's actually a "borrowed" design idea. You can find this kind of design online for about $15 (not in mahogany though!).