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BenQ W1070 1080p HD 3D Projector

BenQ W1070 1080p HD 3D Projector

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Just did a video on resolving the over heating issue i had.

Its a great projector!
I've had mine for 2+ years. Still on the same bulb it came with as well. However, in recent months it's started having odd issues where it'll have HDCP issues. It usually works just fine once I shut it down and turn it back on. I thought it might be the HDMI cable, but it's always resolved by restarting the projector.
I bought this 3 years ago, after doing a bunch of research at the time and concluded that this was the best budget projector. (at the time at least)

I've been really happy with it. I don't use it super often, I watch a movie on it maybe once a month or couple of months. Great quality even just on a white wall (no screen). My only issue is once in a while the HDMI input didn't detect a signal successfully (usually only when connected to a pc laptop) and I have to retry a few times. That seems to be a universal problem with any projector though.
I new here! Why isn a price on this?
because this is not a active drop.
because its priceless! :-D
I picked up one if these about 2.5 years ago and use it every day. I'm still on the origional bulb and have a second waiting for the day this gives out. It''s mainly used for gaming (PS4 & XB1), satellite TV and light HTPC duty. Super fantastic bang for the buck. Several friends and family members have purchased one of these after gaming/watching movies in my theatre.
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I also have the w1070, i can agree on everything you say :) I do love mine. It even works well on a painted wall (as i used to have)
my two cents having owned and used the GT1080 for gaming and movies/sports for the last 1 year or so. while the BenQ W1070 is probably a find unit as others have stated, that model was first sold and marketed like 4+ years back. So dated by technology standards. Also to help you compare apples-to-apples, as the application of use might be of importance to you, the BenQ is a regular throw projector so you need some distance between the lens and screen to get the size you desire, the GT1080 from Optoma is actually a "short throw" projector so quite a different animal altogether. I use my GT1080 on a coffee table, about 2 feet from the screen and get a 110" image.
I have had one of these for nigh upon 3 years. Good Projector. Fan is a bit noisy, but traditional lamps in projectors will do that. I've had one bulb completely fail, and a few protection faults on it, but it has otherwise been fairly reliable. It does do 3D and uses IR for shutter timing (so you can buy cheapo IR 3D glasses on eBay or Amazon). While it certainly isn't going to do HDR or 4K or whatever else, it does 1080p reliably and does 3D adequately.

Don't let anybody fool you into thinking the built-in speakers are good, but if you need them, they will do in a pinch (meeting, impromptu barn-screening of movies, etc).

Still not sure what you can do with the USB on it.

The nVidia compatibility with its 3D is kind of iffy. You need to purchase a license for it, and then get it set up right. A lot of games don't work great with it, but some are pretty awesome. Compared to a computer monitor set up for Nvidia's $150+ aftermarket glasses add-on for 3D, it isn't as awesome, but it can work in a pinch and is probably cheaper overall.
I have both this and the ST version. These projectors are probably has the best features for the price you pay.
The only problem is that they tend to overheat very quick and shuts itself down every 20 minutes or so for gaming.
My solution was to keep the top panel off at all times to let the heat dissipate more quickly and try to place it in a ventilated area. Had no issues after this tiny hack.
I have had two of these projectors. They are crap reliability wise. I think one lasted 13 months and the other lasted under a year. I finally gave up an bought a different brand. The 2 Projectors I had had before these were both 3-5 years old before they gave out.
What brand did you go with? and is it as good?
I went with a Viewsonic. It has been good reliability wise, so far. I think the picture quality is a little sharper on that projector, but the BenQ seemed to handle low light scenes much better. May be some configuration settings, but I have played around with it and haven't been able to find the perfect setting yet.
This is one of the greatest projectors for the money! I have a review of this projector on YouTube and highly recommend this projector!
Do you notice any input lag in gaming?
I do not and also the cord is 50ft. I would game on it all day if I had the time!
I have a HT1075 (which is pretty much the same projector). Very good and highly recommended. I run a 10m HDMI cable to it from my media streaming box - works like a charm.

Here's a handy site to calculate throw distance:
Does anyone knows if the USB type mini B supports external memory like external hardrives or flash memory?
I've had a Benq W1070 for a few years now. Not sure why it was picked over something like the HT1085ST, which seems all around better to me.
The HT1085ST is completely out of stock and end of life. No more of those. We made a lot more of the W1070s because they were way more popular (even you got one). Also, the HT1085ST is a "Short Throw."