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I thought the absurdity of labeling everything "EDC" trying to cash in on the "tacticool" fad could not get any dumber...
Great review and video in link below - for Apple enthusiasts. This deal had offered 30% off but with a $10 freight charge, so the offer actually slightly better.
Expired March 13
40 bucks for a couple of soap containers? Shut up and take my money.
I'm a die-hard Apple guy and even I think this is dumb.
Sold over 4000 units on Indiegogo with a lot of postive feedback from backers.
Which proves that people will buy the most stupid shit if it's "indie".
Hahahahahaha I can’t believe anyone would fall for this. It is not “based“ on a Japanese lunch box, IT IS ONE!!! I got the one in the pictures I’ve included for $2 USD in Japan. It literally has the same compartments. BTW that is not a pen holder it is meant for chopsticks!!!!!

But but but the compartments are adjustable ! ! !
so are the ones in my picture I just lost the other 2 dividers
But...can I store lunch in it?
Meh, looks cool, but it's more form over function. I would suggest buying this instead (BUBM Electronic Organizer):
Whiny man bitches.
You must not be a macbook owner. Congrats.
No, he's a dick.
blah blah apple hate

The real question is, why do i need to have a space dedicated to carrying extra watch straps with me?
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Didn't you know? The more  Watch straps you own, the higher up you are in the Apple cult, not dissimilar to Thetan levels in Scientology.
I may get there yet--just bought one on Amazon for $5! Really hate the silicone band mine came with.
Look at what Apple's dongle life and Apple pen has turned us into... We are carrying around peripherals like anchors in an age of technology. We are officially animals with leashes. Well played Tim Cook, Steve Jobs is for sure flipping you off from the grave.
On a side note this is a great product idea. Really nailed it. FMappleL.
I'm not sure that a $40 plastic box is the accessory I'd want to show off with my Macbook if I were the type of person to buy a purpose made apple accessory storage box.