BENU Chameleon Collection Fountain Pensearch

BENU Chameleon Collection Fountain Pen

BENU Chameleon Collection Fountain Pen

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Color-Shifting Pens

Made from a unique chameleon-like material, this fountain pen changes colors depending on the angle you view it from. Tilt it one way to see one color, then tilt it the other way and watch the color shift before your eyes. The three-sided shape gives the pen a bold look and also prevents it from rolling off the desk when you set it down. Each pen is complete with a postable, screw-on cap and a stainless steel nib.

Note: At checkout, choose a fine, medium, or broad nib with any of the following body colors: bossy (base price), friendly (base price), lovely (+ $20), dreamy (+ $30), graceful (+ $30), happy (+ $30), or jolly (+ $30). Bear in mind that the actual colors may differ from the photos below due to studio lighting and/or your monitor’s display.

See the Color Shift: Bossy Pen

See the Color Shift: Lovely Pen


  • See video of all colorways here!
  • BENU
  • Resin body and rings
  • Postable, screw-on cap
  • Stainless steel Schmidt nib
  • Capped length: 5.3 in (13.7 cm)
  • Weight: 0.7 oz (19.7 g)
  • Accepts standard large international converter or cartridge (2.8 in / 72 mm)


  • Gift box
  • International standard converter


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