Berard Glass Storage Jars w/ Olivewood Lidssearch

Berard Glass Storage Jars w/ Olivewood Lids

Berard Glass Storage Jars w/ Olivewood Lids

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A few things I found while researching these that aren't mentioned on the drop page:

1. The glass is borosilicate glass (Berard: "prized for its durability, clarity and resistance to scratches and thermal shock") and is likely thinner and lighter (but more fragile) than you would expect if they were just made of cheaper but thicker soda-lime glass. Don't drop them!

2. The lids don't give an air-tight seal. Berard themselves state "Use with dry goods only." The lid may come off if you try to lift a jar by its lid (a common complaint by Amazon reviewers). Don't lift them by the lid!

3. Apparently (according to Amazon reviews) these are made in China.

4. There's a fourth size available (30oz/900ml) but not included in this drop for some reason.

BTW, I know it's not available in this drop, but for future reference does anyone know the internal height of the largest jar (51oz) and whether it's tall enough to hold long pasta?
can it store organic medicine particulate?
Oh, I thought they were a set of 3. :(
Oh, hey, these look really cute.
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That’s weird, mine are all pretty robust. Though I don’t know how well they’d deal with greasy, crumby things like cookies. So far I get a solid thunk of pressure equalization whenever I take any of my lids off.
Hmmmm, I'll still consider them...but maybe from somewhere with a good return policy for a couple bucks more
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