Berard Olive Wood Cheese Board & Knife Setsearch

Berard Olive Wood Cheese Board & Knife Set

Berard Olive Wood Cheese Board & Knife Set

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Shipped by massdrop on the 13th, if it was coming from France I would have ordered, but double cross atlantic shipping just kills it for me on both the carbon footprint and of course the unlikely christmas delivery.
This looks interesting and I probably would have joined the drop right away if the country of origin was stated.
From Berard, boards are "Handcrafted in France from sustainably-certified Mediterranean olivewood."
Thanks. Now I can check with the boss.

This information would be valuable if included in the Description/Specs section. In fact, since you have an international clientele, This should be a mandatory piece of information in each drop.

Thanks again.
Why doesn't this ship to Singapore?
Probably the knife.
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