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Bestech BG05 "Scimitar" G-10 Series

Bestech BG05 "Scimitar" G-10 Series

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Estimated ship date, January 25. Actual ship date? 5 hours ago, apparently. LOL.
Everyone's excited about this, lol. Looks pretty, but I'm done with Chinese cutlery. You never know what you're getting, regarding steel quality. Hope it works out in the long run for everyone. The only Chinese stuff I even consider is Kershaw, as they tend to have pretty good quality control, they have a great local warranty and I can get their stuff for under $20 if I want it. Sorry, after collecting and using knives for over 40 years I'm a little jaded.
Is there a difference between this and the BG05A and 05B on Amazon for $39.00 w/ free shipping ?
It's the same. The letters after the model numbers just indicate the color/blade finish combos Interesting to see some of their prices on Amazon coming down
Joined the drop recently, and I'm getting on Nov 16. ill just wait quietly for 1 month while being excited for the time it comes.
Why is the estimated ship date so much later than when the drop ends?
I elected to sell this knife to someone who appreciated it more than myself. No question, it opened and closed as advertised—-oops, I mean the action was good. And, no question, the production was also good—-oops again, I mean the fit and finish were well done. The knife was sharp too, but I’ve come to expect that from these knife thingees, especially one “right out of the box” since I haven’t used it yet. The problem as I saw it started with the so-called “scimitar“ blade. This trailing point is barely able to be described as canting upwards, much less as a scimitar blade. Also, my unfortunate choice of beige handle scales really watered down all knifey visual thunder. Yeah, it was pointy. Yeah, it was sharp and more than capable of cutting the careless finger, but the soul of the knife, that innate capacity for murder found in almost any knife, was missing. For myself, the final insult was the usual blade billboarding. Is it really necessary to have manufacturer graffiti all over the damn knife? It absolutely calls to mind some big car or truck with meaningless product statements, or supposedly relevant numbers on the trunk or doors that apparently speaks volumes to guys with penis issues. But I digress. A bit of blade sterilization is in order, like a Praxis or Baklash. Those are good looks. So what do I want for $50? I truely don’t know most of the time, but I do know it isn’t boring, bland, or making a souless knife. It is fun to flick though.
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You would be correct, JKreese—-but not unconditionally. I’ve really got a ton of C.S. knives, but I’ve been disappointed in several models as of late. Most recently, I think the potentials for several exciting and original designs have been unrealized for the most part, eg., the Luzons, the Counter Points, the Hold Outs, et al, in order to comply with apparent greed driven levels of design and production. The results have consistently been knives that take a pretty picture, but in hand, look cheap, feel cheep, and function cheap. I (personally) hold Lynn Thompson responsible for squandering new and interesting opportunities. He has legions of dedicated leg hopping sycophants from years of hard work and stellar successes. Instead he chooses to don a ridiculous tight black gi and abuse pig cadavers. Hell, I’m embarrassed for him, but I guess he gets the last laugh on his way to the bank. Remember the Espadas with airplane 7075 aluminum frames and polished G-10? How about the Rajah 1? The Black Swan and Black Rhino blades? Etc, weep, etc, weep, etc. I’m surprised the Ti Lites haven’t been discontinued—-they sell copiously and are really loved by their owners. Oh well, whatever. I did find and purchase a new XL Espada with the 7075 aluminum frame, etc, that continues to amaze me. That thing is astonishingly cool. Oh, where are you Cold Steel?
The world of folding knives is so fickle and has turned into its own crazy world of neat gadgets--which I enjoy. But I think Mr. Thompson comes from the old school where a folding knife was just a fixed blade that you could carry in your pocket, hence no such thing as "deep carry" and maybe some designs that just don't seem quite right. I find myself drawn to their fixed blades which seem to be designed to beat the hell out of at a very reasonable price. I'd love a Gurkha Kukri or perhaps a 3V Recon Tanto. Maybe one of their sword/machetes or drop forged offerings. I had a Ti-Lite and there was nothing wrong with it, but at the time I wanted something slick to play with rather than the no nonsense tool that it was. As crazy as their marketing materials are I actually appreciate it and think it may have inspired the fun parts of Forged in Fire and Knife or Death.
Love the blade shape! Make the pocket clip reversible for lefties and I'll by one (or more).
I have 1 and love it if you buy this knife you will not regret it.
I have this knife, and might I say, Bestech is killing it in ALMOST every way. I paid 55 for this at a brick and mortar store, which I don't regret because sometimes I get a good deal on a dealer exclusive knife, but for this price here, this is probably the best quality knife I have handled. There is ceramic on all the bearings, including the detent, and the action is fairly good at any under $150 pricetag out of the box. It whips out and closes silky smooth. After rebuilding it (Only rebuild knives if you are experienced or willing to lose the knife until you figure it out) it is damn near drop shut action. The handle is comfy, contoured, and mostly neutral, that and I am a sucker for nicely G10 for some reason. Only problem with bestech, Leftys are excluded, such as myself. I do not regret this or my Rhino, but cannot justify one of their truly great, higher end knifes until they fix that problem.
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Ah my condolences to them. I hope they have a good wiha, wera or similar good bit or driver set.
Man, Bestech‘s new knives will have left use version. Thanks for your support, let’s wait and see!
So, what do I order to get the exact knife shown in picture #3, with the darkened area on the blade and black handle? Thanks, Andy.
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How do I contact you offline?
You can email me.
Enough with the repeats already... I need me a Toucan!
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I don't get why it's $63, though
My best guess :
I think they were undercutting themselves at ~$50 for their G10/D2 knives...that's why they experimented with 12C27 and kept the prices the same.... And I think now that they're going back to D2 based on user feedback, I'm betting we're going to see all the new models around this new price
And honestly, I don't think $65 would be too much for retail on many of their knives. Will be interested to see what MD can do with the pricing
How will we know when the product has shipped? Thanks!
Look back here or an email will be sent.
I signed up for this on Saturday. When does this thing ship?
July 5th, but can be earlier or later. If it's a new company that Massdrop is dealing with expect it to go a bit later. Bestech is not a new dealer though so it might be early.
(EDIT : see updated comments in the review section. Leaving this message here for posterity, but there are a couple updates over there)
Green Scimitar arrived today. Another well built bestech, with some praise and some complaints
Pros: -Finally there's a D shaped cutout in the opposite liner to catch the D shaped pivot pin and keep it straight! -This knife is super comfortable in the hand -the deep carry clip is a very nice change from the other Bestechs I have -I like the standoffs on this one, as opposed to the backspacer option. Either are fine, but I like the looks of this option on this knife -blade centers perfectly, action is smooth, practically drops shut after cleaning and re-oiling (with a caveat to be discussed in the complaints below) -shaving sharp out of the box, nice even grinds
Cons: -spine on this one is very sharp, especially at the points of the groove, gonna need to hit it with some sandpaper -sharp edges on the G10 too, towards the inside of the knife. Not a big deal, but you can feel it on your finger tip when you push the flipper. Might ease that a bit too -we're back to the plastic cages for the bearings again. I really think their metal caged ones move a bit smoother. -the liners on this one are made of some cheap ass metal, nothing like the thick, polished stainless on the Swordfish and the Thorn. Makes sense, saves money, since these liners are hidden on this one....but feels cheaper for the lock portion Interesting side note, not sure if it makes a difference one way or another, but with the thinner liners the bearings are actually recessed into the blade on this one, instead of into the liners like on the others (see disassembly pic below) -Detent is WEAK on this one :( Strong enough that the flipper works fine, but weak enough to easily shake open...which is a problem for carrying around here. Could this be related to the weaker steel liner/lockbar? Or is this purely a function of the detent ball/hole? Anyone know? I tried bending the lockbar out a bit, but didn't seem to make a difference.
Disassembled :
Cheap liner plated steel :
(sorry for the crappy cellphone pics, but it'll show what's inside)
All in all, it's a nice knife, and I'm glad to own it, but more than a little disappointed that I finally have a bestech with a nice deep carry clip, but I can't legally carry it with the "gravity assist" laws here :( P. S.
Is there any rhyme or reason behind which drops have options for reviews and such only have discussions still?
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Yeah, i know that can play a part, but I haven't yet tried adjusting a detent hole, I need to look into what's involved in troubleshooting/correcting if that's what's causing it
Played with it again today, still no luck. Adjusted the lockbar tension even further, over tightened the pivot pin... Didn't help. Made the action worse but didn't stop it from being able to shake open.
The detent ball appears to be fully seated, no light gets through around it, so it seems the losckbar is fully against the blade when shut, detent ball completely in the hole. To double check this I even removed the stop pin and reassembled, allowing some overtravel when closing the blade, in case it was stopping before the ball fully reached its spot. Same results. Definitely fully in the hole, could even feel a tiny bit of wiggle room in there if i pushed it past the natural stop, and still shakes open.
I'd say that's telling me the issue isn't with the placement or depth of the hole. And the lockbar tension can't be increased any further...... So, I'm at a loss 😞
Any chance of adding more Black Satin?
I have a green one with black accent blade .
This knife wouldn't be a rip off for 100$ . Go for it!
Size comparison with a Boker Kwaiken, a Zero Tolerance 0630 and a Kizer Begleiter


I'll warn anyone joining this, the screws I got on this model were soft and stripped on first disassembly without much provocation.
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I bet it was! I definitely didn't have this problem with my Goblins from the Ti line. Nor the Swordfish from the G10 line. Don't know if that means the screws weren't as soft, or if it was just that they unscrewed easily...
Have a couple of Thorns that should be arriving in a couple days, will be sure to check them carefully
Just a quick follow up... All screws on 2 Thorns that arrived today all check out good as well...... For whatever it's worth. Fingers crossed that my luck holds out, and that yours improves on your next purchase 👍
Ugh, at this rate I'm gonna need some sort of display for Bestech only, which is just gonna make me buy the remaining models to complete the set lol
Does anyone find theirs hard to close? It flew open, and now the blade doesn't budge. I press on the toothed part on the inside, on the grip at the base of the back, and the little lever on the inside, and none of them make the blade move. Am I missing something?
Update: You have to push the toothed thing in the handle to the side, not in.
I lost my scimitar :(
I lost a lot of stuff when I was a Knight of the Bong Table, good Sir Puffs. Fortunately in those days, I spent my disposable coin collecting glass rather than steel, which is harder to transport and therefore harder to lose, though I still did a couple times. Now I have the thaumaturgic recall powers of a Sobriety Mage but even still manage to misplace knives, although never permanently (knock on wood) thus far. I can't imagine trying to keep track of my knife collection were I yet Dank Knight.
And no aspersions did I mean to cast upon you for membership in the Order of the Green Bud. Simply musing and reminiscing about its effects.
found it....after i bought another of course
Mine arrived on Saturday. Initial impressions are good. The unassisted flip style is new to me, but smooth and easy to adjust to. The grip is light, the blade is thick, and the edge is keen. We'll see how well it holds up. You generally get what you pay for... and I paid for a Chinese knife, so expectations will remain tempered for now. My pocket carry sees daily use. I should know soon enough.
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I haven't managed to break it yet. Still sharp, still opens smooth, still engages solidly. Good buy for me.
Nice, glad to hear it 👍
Just got mine in today and I am very impressed with quality for the price. The lock up is tight, very sharp out of the box, and the blade is perfectly centered when closed. This flipper flies open! Not sure why someone said they wanted to return it, unless they got a dud? I mean it's not the quality of any of my CR sabenza or Microtech knives, but it's not a $400 knife either. Planb10113, what knives do you have that you are comparing it to?
I'd have to agree with this. Pleased for the price.
I have a Mcusta Tactility, Kershaw Blur (one if my favorites) and Shallot, Spyderco Para 2 S110V, Fox Karambit, Boker Scout, Benchmade Bali, and some others that aren't really appropriate for comparison. The liner lock of the Scimitar I got barely engaged, and other users have reported their Kendo knives breaking from light to no use. The blade itself was attractive and seemed decent, but the reports of breakage and the fact that I didn't think the liner lock would hold up to much if any abuse made me realize the knife just wasn't worth the worry to me.
Really disappointed with the quality of this knife. Also, anyone else order the stonewash finish and get satin? I hope I can return this.
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the knife is fun to play with opening it, knife version of racking 12 gauge very nice looking also
For what it's worth I've put my kendo through the ringer with heavy daily use and have had no issue whatsoever. I think it's the best bang for your buck out there. If anyone has had breaks or locks slipping I'd love to know what the hell they were doing when it broke/slipped?
Got mine in the mail today. I'm rather salty about this knife. I went to disassemble it and it seems they're using rather cheap screws and a liberal amount of thread locker. Stripped 3 of the 4 handle screws without using any serious amount of torque.
Yeah I know the stripping is probably on me, but it's still nonsense they'd threadlock the handle but not pivot.
Otherwise, the blade centering is pretty good (slightly favoring show side). The action is alright out of the box and now a little better with some additional 5 weight nano-oil. I really like the deep carry clip. The flipper tab is rather small and functions well.
Way to go guys, getting this shipped early makes me want to order again and again. Good sh*t 🤘
Over a MONTH ahead of schedule - shipping notice.
Take that all you weenies...
This is my first buy on massdrop and will more than likely be my last. I just got an email with confirmation of my purchase and says shipping is expected to be March 21st? Yea screw this. Didn’t save that much money.
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Lol ok little buddy. Just cause you asked.
Since this is still going on... apparently, I'm happy to report that I got my shipping notification yesterday! (02/19) It should ship out today, and since it says it's coming from New Jersey, I should have it well before March. Like I said, you shouldn't worry too much about the estimated ship dates. They *can* be accurate, but more often than not, your items ships much sooner.
I bought the Lion, was so impressed had to try another bestech.
Is a shame the black models are sold out
When can I expect it to have a drop again? I really wanted the black satin...