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Bestech BG11 "Beluga" Folding Knife

Bestech BG11 "Beluga" Folding Knife

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I just received mine, in Australia. I’m very impressed compared to the Lion, it’s a step up in terms of F&F, flipping action and ergos. It came shaving sharp, slightly off center. What a bargain. Being in Australia, most international shipping is quite expensive. massdrop international prices are ridiculously cheap, keep it up massdrop.
I brought this because I have the Bestech Lion and it’s a fantastic budget knife. But unfortunately I don’t carry knives that large. I do wish this Beluga came with D2 steel though. But for the price I can’t complain.
I ordered this due to its size and shape, even tho its 12C27 stainless and not 14C28N. I wish some of these companies would make more models with three inch blade and under models. I like 3.5+ inch blades as well but not for EDC. There are several brands that I like the look and shape of their lineup, but the blades are just too big for me; Ruike and Stedemon for instance.
$52 on blade HQ so nice price. Really like my Maserin knife from Massdrop. With MD would offer more from them. This looks nice. I usually like the higher end knives so not sure I'm going to jump on this one. Maybe.
If only it had a deep carry pocket clip.
I bought several titanium flippers recently (I've settled on carrying a Kizer Sealion for the time being) + the native 5 blue box (which has shipped), so I'm likely to pass on this offering. That being said, the Beluga looks to be the most "office practical" Bestech I've seen on Massdrop, and the offering price is good. Since I don't see a blade hardness rating in the specs, so I looked on -- they rate it at 59-61, which is quite good .
I like this knife for $40. Like Bestech fit & finish. Should be a good beater knife. Ergos look comfortable.
im leaning....

Looks similar.....labeled a Sheepsfoot 🤔🤫.
Even looking through manufacturer descriptions and so-called informational's amazing the amount of misinformation that's out there between drop points, sheepsfoot and wharncliffe

But I'd say that Bradford is a sheepsfoot, wouldn't say that at all about this Beluga
Welcome back my Beige whale....I let you pass last time, this time you shall be mine
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I think my swordfish was $39.99+shipping. Actually carrying it today, love it. I can double check that price.

This is probably a great knife, I just feel the pricing is a bit off from Massdrops normally excellent Bestech pricing.
That sounds right on the swordfish
Thing is, they all seem to be the same retail last I looked, so not surprising this doesn't get more of a discount compared to others

And i get what you're saying, i'd like to see the price a little lower too, given the slightly less expensive steel.... I just think at the price we're at with these, anything more expensive might be a pass from customers, less expensive wouldn't be worth them making it without cutting corners somewhere, in either steel type

That said, I'm carrying my Thorn today, also in 12C27. It probably gets more pocket time than most of my other G10 Bestechs, and it holds it's edge well
How do you guys think this compares to the Kershaw Emerson? I'm looking for a decent cheap-ish knife. Thanks!
This knife blows the Kershaw out of the water. Twice the price for ten times the value.
To those who already own a Beluga -- is the blade spine chamfered or plain and straight?
It is chamfered from the base of the spine to about an inch from the tip.
I have a Bestech Kendo that I rather like, but it has a deep carry clip and D2 steel which are both upgrades in my mind. The Kendo's only real weakness is the blade can cut you from the back side of the handle when closed. That is a big no-no. This looks like a nice knife if you are a fan of the blade steel. Sheepsfoot blades are always nice IMO, though they call this a drop point.
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And less of a defined point than a Wharncliffe, and generally at least a little bit of belly compared to the straight edge of the Wharncliffe profile
Yes, agreed. Wharncliffe crossed my mind in the comparison (they seem quite popular here), but I guess I got lazy lol, so thanks for pointing that out
It's not a 'bad' steel, it's the old standard sandvik steel, which sharpens very nicely & easily on regular stones, but it will loose it fairly quickly also.

I wish this used the new sandvik, 14c28n - which is much better all around from what I've read.
You're right, Kavik. Was my first opinion too.
Btw, it's trendy for now to name knives after animals. If you havn't a special styled blade form, you have to use blade holes or lanyard cutwork to imply faces...