Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlightsearch

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight

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Small, Detachable & Powerful

The first Beta-QR was a stellar flashlight, but there’s always room for improvement. Now built with a custom-machined brass connector and a 302 stainless steel split ring instead of the original carbon steel, the second iteration brings more durability and precision. For a well-designed flashlight that's always at the ready, slide a Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release Flashlight onto your keychain or slip it into a pocket. 

Note: At checkout, choose between electroless nickel and HAIII black. 

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight
Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight

Quality Construction

Each flashlight is CNC machined from anodized aluminum or electroless nickel. A Nichia 219 LED shines through the glass window and is controlled by a microprocessor. You can switch between brightness modes by turning off the light and turning it back on. The body is attached to the key loop by a brass quick release, allowing you to easily detach it when the need arises. the light also takes a standard AAA battery for convenience. On the Color Rendering Index, a measurement of how accurately a light source renders the full color spectrum, daylight scores a perfect 100. While not quite the sun, the Beta-QR is no slouch at a 93, giving you a handheld device with a beam as bright as you need, when you need it. 

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight


  • Prometheus Lights
  • Brass quick release
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Nichia 219 (High-CRI) LED
  • Glass window
  • Custom-machined brass connector
  • 302 stainless steel flat split ring
  • Microprocessor controlled modes
  • Compatible with AAA NiMh (Sanyo Eneloop) rechargeable or Lithium disposable batteries


  • Mode 1: 15 lumens, 4 hrs, 62.3 ft (19 m)
  • Mode 2: 60 lumens, 1 hr, 121.4 ft (37 m)


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