Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlightsearch

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight

Prometheus Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release AAA Flashlight

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While reading the description, I thought it scored a perfect 100 on the CRI- my heart skipped a beat XD
any idea what the little black paper square included with the o-rings is for?
So you will notice the spare O-ring and not lose it. Otherwise it is useless.
If you look closely enough you might notice “3M” printed on the square paper. If so the paper is designed to prevent the item it is shipped with from tarnishing enrout. You can buy the squares in different sizes yourself from eBay or Amazon and store one with items you want to prevent from tarnishing (patina). They last about 6 months, then replace it with a new piece of 3M paper.
I got one of these in a prior buy, I absolutely LOVE it.  Plenty bright, battery is still going strong, and the quick connect works great.  I have the black one and I love how the finish has worn, if you like a pristine finish I would suggest one of the other options.
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I'm not sure how long brass will take to patina, for example, copper out in the weather takes a full 10 years to go to that green color, though you can rush it along. Mine in copper that I've had a year and a half is darker, and a bit of color change. It's progressing, and I bought it to have something that will look good with dings from my keys and such, and I'm still happy with the look.
hopefully i don't have to wait 10years... much less if it still works after 10years haha
I still don't understand the difference for the Copper. Is it just a different material? Do the black & nickel lights function the same as the copper??

I would rather get the nickel, but I like the idea of "3 modes"
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Haha sir you definitely have lots of Lumens. Salute!
No, the copper and brass lights have three modes, they add a 1 lumen mode, I like it, I can dig though my bag without trashing my night vision.
Why no option for brass on this drop?
I love my quick release keychain by Prometheus. I want this flashlight but I need it in all copper. Just saying.

I'll keep watching.
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Just released in Ti Also not pictured.
The Kappa was released in Ti, not the flashlight, sorry for the confusion :(.
Received my light last week and am loving it! Running my Efest 10440 350mAh batteries just fine. My only 'complaint' is that the O-ring is a little tight. I put NyoGel on the threads, but will need some break-in time for things to loosen up. Also the brass was not oxidizing at all. I took my dremel and a wire brush to the grooves, and 1000-grit paper to everything else. Waiting to see what happens...
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Looks like Corter Leather's
I'd suggest lubricating it only if you always carry it in a pocket. I've lost one head (on another AAA light) while jogging, because it simply unscrewed from the body because of vibrations. The body stayed attached to the belt.
Any shipping update?
I have these on all my keychains. They're awesome for a true everyday carry
How repairable is this? Not exactly the cheapest, so if I do join, want to know that I could repair and it last years.
send it back to the manufacturer to pay for repairs. If the manufacturer no longer stocks parts, you're on your own.